FedUp PAC Staff CALL TO ACTION Help FedUp PAC throw the Trump Impeachers out of Congress! Of the 31 vulnerable House Democrats who represent districts President Trumpwon in 2016, 29 voted to impeach President Trump. Here are... Read More >

Open Letter to Catholics

FedUp PAC Staff
Richard A. Viguerie Pioneer of the Target Marketing Method that Helped Elect Ronald Reagan Donald Trump and Helped Build the Conservative Movement Please Complete the Enclosed Catholic Survey  Concerning My "Micro-... Read More >

Catholics Not Welcome . . . But Atheists Are

FedUp PAC Staff Catholics Not Welcome . . . But Atheists Are The Democratic National Committee (DNC), on August 24 at their San Francisco meeting, passed a new resolution proclaiming the Democrat Party welcome with open-arms the "... Read More >

An Open Letter to Conservatives

FedUp PAC Staff
Dear Conservative Voter, I'm anxious to get information and advice from conservatives like you. Why? Because we conservatives hold the key to whether President Trump or an open borders, dangerous, elite socialist... Read More >

2020 Voter's Guide to the New Militant Radical Socialist Democrats

FedUp PAC Staff
Branding the 2020 Democrat candidates as dangerous, unhinged militant socialists is a strong and effective way to take advantage of a golden opportunity for conservatives to keep the Presidency, increase our... Read More >

Democrats Have Become Anti-Catholic

FedUp PAC Staff
Democrats to Catholics – "Catholics not Welcome!" It's clear from recent actions and statements by national Democrats that they want to return to the anti-Catholic bigotry of the past by using the power of the... Read More >