Maxine Waters Is the Face of the New, Radical Democratic Party

The political radicalism of the Democrats is now spilling over into their personal behavior, making them a physical threat to anyone who disagrees with their left-wing politics. Read More >

Increasingly Radical Democrats Say It's Time to Have No Borders

Jonathan Tobin writes that "it’s clear that, for most of those continuing to protest, while keeping families together was a useful wedge issue, the discussion about what is happening at the border is more or less the same one that we’ve been having in this country for the past few years. At stake in this debate is not how to enforce immigration laws but whether we should do so at all." Tobin has... Read More >

Radical Democrats Push Intolerance, Even Violence

Derek Hunter describes how dangerous the radicalism of the Democratic left has become.  If they win this year's elections, we can expect them to be even bolder. To read the article, follow the link below. Read More >

Democrats Hope 2018 Elections Will Make Open Borders a Reality

FedUp PAC Staff
The Democrats’ reaction to President Trump’s stronger enforcement of the immigration laws leaves no doubt that the real Democratic goal is a totally open border. And if Democrats win control of Congress in November, that could become a reality. The cynical exploitation of the children brought in by illegal aliens was clearly intended to restore the “catch and release” policy of Obama.  With... Read More >

Open Borders Democrats Use Threat of Violence to Shut Down ICE Office

Defying the rule of law, leftists in Portland, Oregon forced the Customs and Immigration Enforcement office to close in order to keep its employees safe. Radical Democrats have been going to ever greater extremes to protect illegal aliens from deportation and usher in a policy of open borders.   To read the article, follow the link below. Read More >

Controversy Over Children Show Democrats Want Open Borders

FedUp PAC Staff
David Harsanyi demonstrates that Democrats are exploiting the children of illegal aliens as a way of destroying enforcement of the laws protecting our borders. If Democrats win control of Congress this fall, expect a strong push to open up the border.   To read his article, follow the link below. Read More >

GOP Must Hold Senate or Trump's Presidency Is Over

This liberal writer understands how Democratic control of the Senate would handcuff President Trump during the rest of his term.   To read the article, follow the link below. Read More >

Trump Must Not Give Way on Defending the Border

Thomas Lifson points out that the children of lawbreaking aliens are being treated as we treat the children of lawbreaking Americans. However, the anti-Trump media are still determined to spread the lies of the Democrats, who are looking for leverage to get amnesty for these illegals.     To read the full article, follow the link below. Read More >

The Democrats' Radical Turn

Kyle Smith of National Review describes quite well the leftward lunge of the Democratic Party as it continues to ignore the wishes of the American majority. "One indicator of progressive hatred of Donald Trump that deserves more contemplation is this: The Democratic party is moving left with breathtaking velocity. Not only is it far to the left of Bill Clinton, it’s well to the left of even... Read More >

Black Voters Should Abandon Democratic Party

FedUp PAC Staff
Bishop Aubrey Shines has this to say about the monolithic Democratic support from black voters. "All Americans today are reaping the benefits of the Trump administration’s economic policies. Employment is at an all-time high; black and Hispanic unemployment is at record lows. December’s tax cuts doubled the tax credits for school-age children and raised take-home pay for nearly all American... Read More >