How Far Left Can Democrats Go?

"Democratic Socialist congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become a media star and “future of the Democratic Party” for her Far-Left platform, her amazingly ill-informed (if not just plain dumb) comments during interviews and the near-zero batting average of her endorsed candidates. But as our friend John Gizzi documented in a recent column for NewsMax, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is... Read More >

Democrats Are Trying to Sneak a Feminist Amendment into the Constitution

Hon. Robert G. Marshall
"Proponents of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) want to create a constitutional Frankenstein by breathing life into its corpse some 36 years after its ratification was defeated, in large part thanks to Phyllis Schlafly and her Eagle Forum. The ERA Congress sent to the states in 1972 stated: “Equality of rights under law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on... Read More >

Socialist Democrats Admit Radical Views

While some Democrats want to hide the increasing radicalsim of their party, others are ready to openly proclaim it. The November elections will decide whether Congress is controlled by radical Democrats pushing socialism, or a GOP majority protecting the American way.   To read the article, follow the link below. Read More >

Obama Allowed Entry of Terrorist as Refugee

Despite being an active ISIS gunman while applying to the US for refugee status, Omar Abdulsattar Ameen was allowed by the Obama administration to come to America. Remember him when Democrats tell us that Obama's vetting process was extremely effective.  Clearly, President Trump was absolutely right to insist on improvements.  This is what is at stake in November's election -- Democrats whose... Read More >

North Dakota Victory for Ken Cramer Will Give Trump a Stronger Senate

FedUp PAC Staff
If President Trump is to enjoy a productive conclusion to his first term, he must have a GOP-controlled Senate with a large enough Republican majority that one or two Republican defections will no longer give Democrats a working majority in the Senate.  This is especially vital when it comes to the nomination of judges and executive branch appointees.  The difficulty in lining up a majority for... Read More >

Gallup Finds Democrats Prefer Socialism to Capitalism

A new Gallup poll shows that more Democrats support socialism than capitalism.  What will happen to America if socialist Democrats win control of Congress in November? Read More >

Leading Democrat Wins Despite Hostility Toward Police

FedUp PAC Staff
Rep. Keith Ellison is now the Democrat nominee for attorney general of Minnesota, even though he has a history of supporting those who have killed police officers.   To read the article, follow the link below. Read More >

Conservatives See Democrats Working for Minority Rule Through Supreme Court

FedUp PAC Staff
Conservatives see Democrat opposition to Judge Brett Kavanaugh as opposition to majority rule itself, according to a poll by FedUp PAC. An almost unanimous 99% say that liberal Democrats “rely on the courts to overrule the majority” of Americans and that they oppose any judge who “would rule impartially according to the Constitution and the laws.” Democrats have relied on Supreme Court rulings to... Read More >

Not Even Millennials Support Democrats' Regulatory Fanaticism

Liz Peek shows that the radical Democrats' committment to overregulation is turning off millennials, the demographic group they are counting on for votes.   To read the article, follow the link below. Read More >

Democrats Keep Pushing Racism Myths

FedUp PAC Staff
Democrats keep trotting out "Charlottesville" in hopes of keeping alive their accusations about a hopelessly racist America, and a racist President Trump.  But the facts get in their way.   To read the article, follow the link below. Read More >