Democrats want America to be invaded by 50, 100, or more "refugee" caravans a year

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman, FedUp PAC (This is the first of two articles to appear on FedUp PAC this week, about the most politically charged issue of the midterm election.  The Democrats and their leftist mobs have given us an unexpected opportunity to connect with Republican and Independent voters on this issue—but we must use this opportunity.)  Videos of that “refugee” caravan from Central America headed for the U.S. border are... Read More >

Your Safety and Prosperity Are on the Line November 6

FedUp PAC Staff Two years of increasing prosperity, respect for our First and Second Amendment rights, and enforcement of the immigration laws are on the line November 6. If Democrats win back control of Congress, everything that has been accomplished will be at risk.  Democrats have become more and more willing to admit that their goal is socialism, destroying both our economic freedom and our Constitution.... Read More >

Democrat Violence Against Republicans Becoming Common

FedUp PAC Staff Republican politicians, their staffers and the offices where they work have become a recurring target for political violence. Here are eight times just this year that Republicans faced such attacks.   To read the full article, follow the link below. Read More >

Democrats Don't Want Us to Remind Voters of Their Violence

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman, FedUp PAC An article in the October 16 issue of the Washington Post, the top Democrat newspaper, carries the headline: “President Trump is nationalizing the midterm elections.  That’s a big mistake.”  This is disguised as friendly advice, as we can see from the subtitle: “Trump is following the path that got Woodrow Wilson clobbered.”  President Trump and Republicans everywhere:  Beware of free (and... Read More >

Why There Are No 'Conservative' Democrats

CHQ Staff For many years CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie has been pointing out that there are no “conservative” Democrats left at the national level. There are some smart politicians, such as West Virginia’s Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, who try to look conservative by giving lip service to some conservative issues. However, when push comes to shove, say on defunding Planned Parenthood, rather than risk... Read More >

Democrats Want a Green Light for the Abortion Industry -- and, by the way, Here's a Movie You Must See NOW

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman, FedUp PAC The radicalized Democrat Party allows no dissent for its officeholders and spokesmen: they must be pro-abortion, with no restrictive exceptions—even partial birth abortion—allowed.  Hospitals, clinics, and their workers must be forced to accept abortions at their institutions, no matter what religious objections they may have.  Employers must be required to provide free insurance coverage for... Read More >

Radical Democrats Add Kavanaugh to Their Impeachment List

FedUp PAC Staff There can be little doubt that if Democrats win control of the House of Representatives this fall, they will continue their persecution of Justice Brett Kavanaugh by beginning impeachment proceedings against him. They may not be able to remove him from office (that would require a two-thirds vote of the Senate), but the Democrats understand that just carrying out the impeachment process would... Read More >

The Democrats' Idea Of Civility

CHQ Staff
Democrats, such as CNN’s Don Lemon, have been labeling President Trump as “the divider-in-chief” practically since the day he defeated Hillary Clinton and won the presidency. Yet, it is Democrats who seem to revel in calls for more violence, more mob action and less civility. And we’re not talking about the usual college-age radicals in their fatigues, berets and Che Guevara shirts or the Soros-... Read More >

Nationalize the Election: Brand Democrats as "radical, dangerous, mean-spirited, and violence-prone"

Richard A. Viguerie The door has been opened. And a gift was left by the unhinged/crazy left. They have given us a gift that must be opened and used quickly. However, the gift does not come with batteries. We conservatives have to provide the energy. It’s up to us to quickly interpret and explain to the American people what they saw, heard, and read in recent weeks in the news. And that is that Democrats have... Read More >

Radicalized Democrats Want "Medicare for All," Which Would Bankrupt and Ruin Medicare for Seniors

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman, FedUp PAC
Nothing demonstrates the socialist takeover of the Democrat Party like their new rallying cry, “Medicare for All.” When Sen. Bernie Sanders, the socialist Democrat from Vermont, proposed this in 2013—just five years ago—not a single Democrat joined in co-sponsoring his bill. Today he already has 15 co-sponsors, and in the House 117 Democrats are co-sponsoring a similar bill introduced by Rep.... Read More >