Democrats’ Mob Action Has Conservatives Worried About Safety

FedUp PAC Staff

Violent and threatening action by Democrats, sometimes acting in mobs, has many conservatives worried about personal safety, according to a poll by FedUp PAC.

Eighty-seven and one-half percent say that “my safety or the safety of someone in my life is at risk”, while 7.8% believe that only “a few well-known Republican leaders” should fear Democrat violence.  Another 4.7% are undecided.

High-ranking members of the Trump administration, Republican senators, and the Attorney General of Florida have all been harassed by leftists mobs, in addition to an attempt to break into the Supreme Court while Brett Kavanaugh was being sworn in as a Justice.  Some Republican office holders have received death threats aimed at themselves and their families, and one GOP congressional candidate was attacked by a man with a knife.  Even wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap has been enough to provoke violence.

Prominent Democrats have encouraged this behavior.  Rep. Maxine Waters led the way, calling for harassment of Trump officials in all public spaces.  She was followed by Hillary Clinton’s endorsement of abandoning civility and former Attorney General Eric Holder’s command to “kick” offending Republicans.

FedUp PAC is a grass roots organization whose goal in 2018 is to save the Trump presidency by maintaining GOP control of Congress.  FedUp PAC is working to reveal the Democrats as far-left, anti-American extremists who want to transform the United States into a bankrupt socialist nation such as Cuba or Venezuela.  It is not affiliated with any candidate or committee.