The Democrats Plan to Kill the Conservative Agenda by Putting These Leftists in Charge of the House Committees

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman, FedUp PAC

Committee chairmen play a decisive role in determining what legislation the entire House of Representatives gets to vote on. The listings below demonstrate the seismic shift that will take place if the Democrats win control of the House in November.

In short: The Trump/conservative agenda will be dead if the Democrats regain the House in November.

As a shorthand way of demonstrating that shift, I have taken their scores on the American Conservative Union (ACU) ratings for 2017 of each Republican and each Democrat ranking member on the House's 21 committees. The results are even more dramatic than you might imagine:

Average ACU score for the present Republican committee chairmen: 86%.
Average ACU score for the prospective Democrat committee chairmen: 5%.

That certainly reflects the polarization of the House. The Republicans are the conservative party, and the Democrats are the far-Left party.

In addition, consider that Nancy Pelosi stands to return as Speaker of the House if the Democrats win. Pelosi's ACU score: 7%.  Contrast that with Jim Jordan of Ohio, who I and other conservative leaders are backing to be the next Republican leader (to replace retiring Paul Ryan). Jordan's ACU score: 100%.

You can't get more of a contrast than that!

In future memos, I will explain in more detail what these contrasts in committee chairmen mean for legislation that matters so much to our cause. For now, let's just imagine the nightmare if Maxine Waters (ACU score: 0%) becomes a committee spokeswoman for the Democrats; Jerry Nadler (ACU score: 7%) takes over the Judiciary Committee; and Adam Schiff (ACU score: 0%) takes over the reins on the Intelligence Committee. (Hint: There will be NO investigation of Hillary and Democrat collusion with the Russians, and it will be full-speed-ahead on the Impeach Trump witch hunt.)

This is why you and I must make Republican and Independent voters aware of the importance of the midterm election in November. The continuation of the Trump/conservative agenda depends on the Republicans retaining majority control of the House of Representatives!

Here is the proof:

Republican: K. Michael Conaway (TX) ACU: 93%
Democrat: Collin C. Peterson (MN) ACU: 26%
Republican: Rodney P. Frelinghuysen (NJ) ACU: 65%
Democrat: Nita M. Lowey (NY) ACU: 7%
Armed Services
Republican: Mac Thornberry (TX) ACU: 85%
Democrat: Adam Smith (WA) ACU: 8%
Republican: Steve Womack (AR) ACU: 85%
Democrat: John Yarmuth (KY) ACU: 4%
Education and the Workforce
Republican: Virginia Foxx (NC) ACU: 93%
Democrat: Robert C. "Bobby" Scott (VA) ACU: 4%
Energy and Commerce
Republican: Greg Walden (OR) ACU: 74%
Democrat: Frank Pallone (NJ) ACU: 4%
Republican: Susan W. Brooks (IN) ACU: 78%
Democrat: Ted Deutch (FL) ACU: 4%
Financial Services
Republican: Jeb Hensarling (TX) ACU: 96%
Democrat: Maxine Waters (CA) ACU: 0%
Foreign Affairs
Republican: Ed Royce (CA) ACU: 85%
Democrat: Eliot L. Engel (NY) ACU: 4%
Homeland Security
Republican: Michael McCaul (TX) ACU: 89%
Democrat: Bennie Thompson (MS) ACU: 4%
House Administration
Republican: Gregg Harper (MS) ACU: 81%
Democrat: Robert Brady (PA) ACU: 4%
Republican: Bob Goodlatte (VA) ACU: 96%
Democrat: Jerry Nadler (NY) ACU: 7%
Natural Resources
Republican: Rob Bishop (UT) ACU: 81%
Democrat: Raul Grijalva (AZ) ACU: 4%
Oversight and Government Reform
Republican: Trey Gowdy (SC) ACU: 96%
Democrat: Elijah Cummings (MD) ACU: N/A, but life time 3.57%
Republican: Pete Sessions (TX) ACU: 96%
Democrat: James P. McGovern (MA) ACU: 7%
Science, Space, Technology
Republican: Lamar Smith (TX) ACU: 96%
Democrat: Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX) ACU: 0%
Small Business
Republican: Steve Chabot (OH) ACU: 100%
Democrat: Nydia Velazquez (NY) ACU: 4%
Transportation and Infrastructure
Republican: Bill Shuster (PA) ACU: 65%
Democrat: Peter A. DeFazio (OR) ACU: 4%
Veterans' Affairs
Republican: PhilRoe, M.D. (TN) ACU: 89%
Democrat: Tim Walz (MN) ACU: 8%
Ways and Means
Republican: Kevin Brady (TX) ACU: 89%
Democrat: Richard Neal (MA) ACU: 4%
Republican: Devin Nunes (CA) ACU: 80%
Democrat: Adam Schiff (CA) ACU: 0%
Average ACU Scores:
Republican: 86%
Democrat: 5%