Democrats Use the Kavanaugh Hearings to Deny Your Basic Rights as an American

By Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman, FedUp PAC

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is the immediate target of the radical Democrat campaign against his nomination to the Supreme Court. But the far-Left takeover of the party is now so complete, and the Democrats' hysteria is so overwhelming, that basic rights of every American citizen are now at risk. Be afraid—very afraid—if the Democrats win control of Congress next month.

It is a basic principle of American law that you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. And both law and common sense say you are not presumed guilty by reason of your genetic makeup (in this instance, whether you are male or female). The radicalized Democrats now deny both of those fundamental American propositions.

The larger message of the Democrat onslaught is a radical perversion of the #MeToo movement. Democrat politicians and the Democrat mainstream media are now telling us that men are always guilty, and women are always to be believed, with accusations of sexual violence and assault.

The poster girl for this attitude is the leftist Democrat Senator from Hawaii, Mazie Hirono: "I just want to say to the men in this country: Just shut up and step up. Do the right thing, for a change." And the right thing, of course, is to find Kavanaugh guilty because his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, is a woman. "I believe her," Hirono said, passing judgment before either Ford or Kavanaugh had made their statements before the Soviet-like show trial.

I call upon a Jewish-American law professor, an Asian-American commentator, and an African-American sociologist to demonstrate how far the Democrats have repudiated the rules of justice and fairness that long united Americans of all races and creeds.

He's still a civil rights champion—the Democrats are not

Alan Dershowitz is one of the most esteemed champions of civil rights in America. Now retired as a Harvard law professor, he continues to speak out and describes himself as "a liberal Democrat." Formerly on the board of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), he is disgusted by its forays into partisan politics at the expense of the neutral principles it once claimed to espouse. He now calls the ACLU the "Anti-Civil Liberties Union."

Regarding the Kavanaugh hearings, Dershowitz sees a double standard at play, with the Left saying "We know he is guilty because he is a white man, she's a woman, she is a survivor. That is the end of the inquiry." And: "When it is a white man being accused by the Left of sexual offenses all the rules are called off."

As for the Democrat claim that the hearings are just a job interview not subject to legal rules of due process, Dershowitz sees that as a myth: "If it was a job interview you don't start with half the potential employers saying they won't hire you under any circumstances. Once a person is accused publicly of specific, focused crimes that are career-destroying, that job interview metaphor disappears. You have to prove the allegations by clear and convincing evidence with due process."

Don't 'believe women,' she says—believe evidence

Columnist Michelle Malkin quotes a number of comments by prominent leftists that we should automatically believe women in cases of sexual assault. For example, Clinton/Kerry flack Peter Daou: "My default in these situations is to BELIEVE WOMEN." (This is the approach obviously taken by the Democrat members of the Judiciary Committee.")

"That is a dumb and dangerous default," says Malkin. "The costly toll of 'believing women,' instead of believing evidence, can be seen in the hundreds and hundreds of cases recorded by the University of Michigan Law School's National Registry of Exonerations involving innocent men falsely accused of rape and rape/murders." (That registry currently lists well over 2,000 such exonerations, and that's just cases that have come to their attention so far, and which have been documented by them.)

Then she discusses the book by retired NYPD special-victims-squad detective John Savino, forensic scientist and criminal profiler of the Forensic Criminology Institute Brent Turvey, and forensic psychologist Aurelio Coronado Mares. Those authors detail the myriad "prosocial" and "antisocial" lies people tell in their textbook False Allegations: Investigative and Forensic Issues in Fraudulent Reports of Crime.

I urge all fair-minded Americans to read Michelle Malkin's column. She concludes:

"The role of the press should be verification, not validation.

"Rape is a devastating crime. So is lying about it.

"It's not victim-blaming to get to the bottom of the truth. It's liar-shaming.

"Don't believe a gender. Believe evidence."

"A slap to our face," says this African-American sociologist

African-Americans have historical knowledge of how women sometimes DO lie about sexual assault. It comes from the era after the Civil War when Democrats ruled a one-party South and lynchings of black men were shamefully common. Often those lynchings were based on lies told by white women.

(This is not to equate physical lynchings that result in death with political lynchings that seek to destroy a man's reputation. And this is not to call Ford a liar—this could, after all, be a case of faulty memory or mistaken identity. But both types of lynchings are evil and result from a radical anti-Christian takeover of the Democrat Party.)

Here is an excerpt from the courageous Facebook posting by George Yancey, an African-American sociology professor at the University of North Texas, where he is the director of the graduate program in sociology (emphasis added):

"To tell an African-American man that a woman will not lie about rape or sexual misconduct is a slap to our face given the history of this nation. A lot of the lynchings were done because a white woman lied about a black man raping her. Maybe she felt pressure from the larger community but that lie cost a black man his life.

"I think this is one of the reasons why due process is so important to me and I do not want to deny it to anyone. I know that Kavanaugh is white and not tied to that history but I want him to get due process as well as much as it is possible."

As conservatives who seek to conserve basic principles of American law and fairness, we must speak forcefully to our fellow Americans about the threat to our nation coming from a Democrat Party now taken over by radical leftists.  

To repeat Michelle Malkin's final words: "Don't believe a gender. Believe evidence." And the Democrats have presented no evidence against Brett Kavanaugh in his confirmation hearings.