Democrats Want a Green Light for the Abortion Industry -- and, by the way, Here's a Movie You Must See NOW

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman, FedUp PAC

The radicalized Democrat Party allows no dissent for its officeholders and spokesmen: they must be pro-abortion, with no restrictive exceptions—even partial birth abortion—allowed.  Hospitals, clinics, and their workers must be forced to accept abortions at their institutions, no matter what religious objections they may have.  Employers must be required to provide free insurance coverage for contraception to their female workers.  And dissenting taxpayers must similarly be forced to pay for abortions through government support to Planned Parenthood and similar abortion providers.

 This pro-abortion fervor was the main motivation for the ugly and often violent hysteria shown against Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his supporters during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings.  The Democrats and their leftist allies wanted a Supreme Court that would guarantee no roadblocks to their radical abortion agenda.

 Conservatives must let pro-life voters know the full extent and nature of this pro-abortion agenda in the Democrat-Left coalition.  Because the abortion lobby isn’t about to give up yet.  They’re already planning on impeaching Kavanaugh (as well as President Trump) if they win control of Congress next month.  

 The Movie You Must See Immediately:

“Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer”

 This movie is a riveting trial drama that exposes the dark truth about the abortion industry.  In the dramatic style of programs like “Law and Order” it tells the story of Dr. Keith Gosnell’s horrendous abortion clinic in Philadelphia.  You can read this full review of the movie that appeared on my website.

 Gosnell is currently being shown in AMC, Regal, Fandango, and CineMark theaters across the nation, thanks to some creative alternative marketing that has broken through the curtain of silence on the part of the mainstream media.  You can find the list of participating theaters here.  But hurry, as it has a limited-time run and will be leaving soon.

 If you agree with me that this movie tells a story that will motivate pro-life viewers, as well as those whose minds are not closed on the subject of abortion, organize your friends and political activists to petition your local theater for a re-run of Gosnell between now and Election Day.  Use the movie as a tool to motivate pro-lifers to vote on November 6.

 Back to the Democrats’ Radical Pro-Abortion Agenda…

 The Democrats’ over-the-top rhetoric and demeanor during the Kavanaugh hearings may turn against them with Independent voters, while having less impact than they hoped for among the constituencies they consider “theirs.”  Older Baby Boomer feminists and culture warriors are certainly in panic mode, but what about—for example—younger voters?

 Researchers at the GenForward project at the University of Chicago have been keeping tabs for several years on the attitudes of Americans aged 18 to 34.  When asked about the main issue that would motivate them to show up to the polls in 2018, Kavanaugh and Roe v. Wade were far from the top of the list.  According to Cathy Cohen, the political science professor who runs the project, “it is not clear from the data that Roe, as an issue, will motivate young people to go to the polls…”  Only 3% mentioned Kavanaugh as their main motivation for voting in November.  Indeed, “very few—20% or so—are willing to identify themselves as a feminist.”  And strong pluralities of black, Asian, Latino, and white Millennials said they didn’t know enough to say whether they supported or opposed Kavanaugh’s nomination.

 As The Atlantic put it:

 “All of this underscores an important fact about the Kavanaugh nomination: Many Americans don’t know that much about it, or aren’t following it that closely. This is particularly true among the younger voters who tend to be less dependable in midterm elections, but whose turnout could make the difference for Democrats in competitive House and Senate races.”   

 Conservatives, this is our opportunity for victory.  We must not be discouraged by the notion that a “blue wave” is inevitable—it may be as “inevitable” as Hillary Clinton’s victory was in 2016.  But we have our work cut out for us.  We must get pro-life voters to the polls next month.

 Sure, the Democrat/Left coalition is pouring big money into the midterm election.  Planned Parenthood alone is spending $20 million for a ground initiative that will include Arizona, Nevada, New Hampshire, Florida, Minnesota, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  Joining them are the political action arms of Color of Change, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and the Center for Community Change.  But these players spent Big Bucks for Hillary in 2016—and that didn’t produce victory for them.

 We can beat them at the polls!  Email your family and friends, the members of your church and civic organizations.  Start a blog (if you haven’t done so already), post on Facebook and the other social media, and in letters to the editor and the comments sections of articles and websites.  Talk to candidates about exposing the Democrats’ radical pro-abortion agenda.  Promote these ideas by calling in to the radio and TV shows you follow.  AND DO THIS CONSTANTLY UNTIL ELECTION DAY.