Democrats Want You to Pay Higher Taxes And their first step is to repeal the 2017 Republican Tax Cuts

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman, FedUp PAC

Democrats hate tax cuts (for you and me).  They love tax cuts—even tax elimination—for their favored constituencies (the “poor”), so they can count on their votes on Election Day.  It’s as simple as that.

 Democrats love tax increases (for you and me).  Higher taxes and higher deficits are the only ways they can pay for their wish-list of new and expanded government programs if they gain control of Congress.  It’s as simple as that.

 Conservatives and Republican candidates must let the voters know that a Democrat victory in November means repeal of the 2017 Republican tax cuts and massive new and higher taxes.

 We must not let the voters forget what the Democrat leadership thinks of higher incomes for the middle class that result from Republican policies.  The top Democrat—former House speaker (and would-be future House speaker) Nancy Pelosi—let it slip when she called the bonuses companies are giving to their workers (as a result of the Republican tax cuts) “crumbs.”

 Bonuses of $1,000 or $2,000 are not “crumbs” to middle class families that are struggling to stay alive economically.  But they undoubtedly are to 1% elitists like Pelosi, who has amassed a net worth of over $100 million on her $193,000 congressional salary, and who takes vacations in Hawaii in a posh suite that goes for $10,000 a night.

 Your future taxes depend on which party wins the midterm elections.  The votes on taxes are along partisan lines.  In the Senate, not a single Democrat voted for the 2017 Republican tax cuts.  The same was true in the House, where not a single Democrat voted for the tax cuts and 191 voted against them. 

 The Choice: If the Democrats Win…

 The Democrats’ tax hike plan includes increases in personal income taxes, a direct tax on small and mid-sized businesses (which would cripple economic expansion and the creation of more jobs), and an increase in the corporate tax rate, which would make America less competitive in the global marketplace.   Americans for Tax Reform says the Democrat plans would add one trillion dollars in higher taxes over the next 10 years.

 And don’t let voters forget:  The 2017 Republican tax cuts repealed the individual mandate on Obamacare.  The Democrats want to repeal those tax cuts and restore the individual mandate.  Indeed, they want to expand Obamacare.

 The Democrats will counter that the Republican tax cuts favored the rich, which is not true, but here’s the dirty little secret they don’t want voters to know:  Their tax plan is a bigger giveaway to the 1% than what they falsely pin on the Republicans.  That’s because the 1% are part of the Democrat coalition: the 1% and the 44% who pay no income taxes at all.

 Hard to believe, but this was revealed in the Democrat newspaper The Washington Post.  The headline tells it all: “Democrats’ tax plan looks an awful lot like a big giveaway to the wealthy.”  “It's struck me as very ironic that all these liberals are scrambling to come up with tax changes that benefit high-income people,” said Leonard E. Burman, who served in the Treasury Department under President Bill Clinton.


The Choice:  If the Republicans Win…

 In clear contrast to the Democrats, the Republicans are planning more tax cuts and more tax reform.  The 2017 tax cuts were just the beginning.

 The Republican plan, called Tax Reform 2.0, would make the 2017 tax cuts permanent, create Universal Savings Accounts (USAs), allow more individuals and families to deduct their medical expenses, and would enable businesses to deduct their start-up costs, thus spurring new small business innovation and growth.

 Conservatives and Republican candidates must let voters understand how beneficial Universal Savings Accounts would be.  They would be a vast improvement over Roth IRAs and help alleviate Americans’ notoriously low savings rates. 

 If Republicans retain the House, the key player is House Ways and Means chair Kevin Brady (R-Texas), who explains: “Ware looking at ways where it’s easier for families to save earlier in life and more over time, whether it’s for health care or for retirement … We think America is not a nation of savers; we want it to be.”

 If Democrats take over the House, Brady will be replaced as committee chair by Richard Neal of Massachusetts, who votes liberal 96% of the time, and who of course voted against the 2017 Republican tax cuts.

 Conservatives and Republican candidates must also let parents who school their children at home know that the Republicans’ Tax Reform 2.0 would allow them to deduct their homeschooling expenses, which typically come to thousands of dollars a year.  Since homeschooled children represent more than 3% of all school-age children, this is an important constituency that can make the difference in a close election.

 Finally, conservatives and Republican candidates must let their tax-paying voters know that 44% of Americans (mostly Democrat constituencies) pay zero income taxes but collect their benefits and “entitlements” from Uncle Sam.  A 2017 poll conducted for NPR showed that 70% of respondents thought that percentage was much lower.  Perhaps not surprisingly, Democrats are the most misinformed, with 8 out of 10 actually believing that lower-income people pay too much income taxes.  We must let the tax-paying middle class know the truth.

 The choice is clear.  The health of your wallet and the health of the nation both require a Republican victory in November.