Kavanaugh Confirmation Highlights National Issues at Stake in 2018

FedUp PAC Staff

Anyone doubting the importance of keeping the GOP in control of the Senate need only look at what is happening in the Kavanaugh hearings.  The Democrats recognize that as long as Republicans are in control, Democrats can only delay, protest, and slander.  The Republican majority has the votes to confirm Kavanaugh no matter what the minority does.

But if Democrats win Senate control in November, all of that changes.  No more Federal judges will be confirmed except those nominees who are liberal enough to have Democrat support. Even Trump’s cabinet and many sub-cabinet positions will have to be filled by people who can win some Democrat votes – votes from Senators who are pro-amnesty, anti-wall, pro-ObamaCare, pro-abortion, anti-gun owner, pro-tax, and pro-regulation.

The whole agenda of the Trump administration is at risk if Democrats run the Senate. 

The Federal judiciary, currently dominated by Obama and Clinton appointees, will remain in place and be a thorn in Trump’s side, continuing to issue injunctions that tie his hands.  Most of those will never be among the very few cases that reach the Supreme Court.  The final decision will be made by the Appeals Courts, which Obama’s appointments stacked with predominantly liberal majorities.

Executive branch nominees, who must handle the day to day details of rolling back Obama’s policies, will be blocked, forcing the President to leave the positions filled by Obama holdovers or to nominate someone acceptable to the Democrats.  Almost half of these positions – 348 of 705 – have not yet been filled and would be held hostage by the Democrats.

Without the Senate, the Obama administration will be back.  Forget about ObamaCare repeal, freeing up the nation’s energy resources, deporting illegal aliens, or building a wall.  Instead, we can expect efforts to strangle energy production, raise taxes, abolish ICE, take away our guns, eliminate our First Amendment rights, and expand ObamaCare.

Americans need to know that this is what’s at stake.  Instead, their attention is being held by anonymous smears aimed at President Trump.  The radical Democrats are hoping their allies in the media can keep the voters distracted, unaware of what they could lose in this election, until it’s too late.

If Democrat majorities are sworn in next January, they will have two years to push forward their socialist agenda.  Remember how much damage Democrats did in just the first two years of Obama’s presidency.  The voters may be surprised and dismayed at what they see happening, but they won’t be able to stop it.

Those voters need to be contacted and won over right now, while there is still time.

And FedUp PAC is just the one to do it.

Our Chairman, Richard Viguerie, is the man who invented targeted marketing, bypassing expensive media such as TV (where most of the money is wasted reaching voters who have made up their mind or won’t vote), and zeroing in on the small number of voters who will decide the election.

Just two years ago FedUp PAC set out to warn voters how they would suffer if Hillary Clinton were elected President.  We targeted states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.  That effort helped swing them into line for Donald Trump while also helping elect senators in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Wisconsin.

We can do it again in 2018.  We can make sure voters know why they must keep Republicans in control of the Congress and add to the Senate majority.

But to win, FedUp PAC must have your help. 

We know how to use the latest technology to target the voters who will swing the elections.  This program of voter contact by email, FaceBook, etc. is relatively cheap, and highly cost-effective (especially compared to expensive TV spots seen mostly by non-voters and confirmed liberals), but it is not free.

That is why your donation of $25, $100, $500, $1,000 or more to FedUp PAC is needed today – because with polls showing what could be an across-the-board Democratic triumph, even in some deep-red states, there is not a day to waste.

FedUp PAC is already planning what needs to be done to protect Republican control of Congress.  Those plans can move forward as soon as we have the funds to proceed.

With your help, we can make 2018 a year that moves us further toward Making American Great Again.  Without it, FedUp PAC will be sitting on the sidelines, unable to help.

So please, send your best donation of $25, $100, $500, $1,000 or whatever you can afford.