Kavanaugh Smear Proves Democrats Are Too Radical and Ruthless for Voters to Trust with Power

FedUp PAC Staff

The Kavanaugh confirmation fight has proven that the Democrats are not only too radical to be trusted with the power of government, they are also far too ruthless and lacking in any moral limits.

Having failed to make a case against Kavanaugh’s sterling record and abilities as a judge, the Democrats have resorted to an unscrupulous smear campaign.  Without no evidence whatsoever, they have promoted the claim of a left-wing, anti-Kavanaugh professor, attacking Kavanaugh’s personal reputation.

Carefully refraining from bringing up this accusation during private meetings with Kavanaugh, or asking a question during the public hearings, they waited to spring it at the last minute in order to prevent a vote.  Now they demand an FBI investigation, even though Kavanaugh’s accuser cannot remember when it allegedly happened, where it happened, did not tell anyone about it, and says she was careful to act as if nothing had happened.  Apparently, the FBI is supposed to interview her friends, ask them whether they were ever at a party where she acted as if nothing had happened, and then proclaim Kavanaugh guilty as charged.

Consider the hypocrisy.  Just two years ago, these same Democrats were making every effort to put an accused rapist, Bill Clinton, back into the White House as “First Gentleman.”  At that time they insisted on ignoring accusations that could not be conclusively proven, though Juanita Broderick’s case against Clinton had some real, contemporary evidence to back it up.

The Democrats have done this even though Judge Kavanaugh has a spotless reputation, and has been vouched for by dozens of women who knew him then and later.  Nor has any other woman come forward with a similar accusation against him.

If the Democrats succeed in blocking a vote on Kavanaugh or forcing him to withdraw, it will not affect only Kavanaugh.  The Democrats will have successfully warned every conservative judge that if he accepts a Supreme Court nomination, they will stop at nothing to trash his reputation.  If someone with the spotless reputation of Kavanaugh can be ruined by charges that have nothing to back them up, then no one is safe.

It will also embolden the Democrats to take a no-holds-barred approach toward President Trump.  No lie will be out of bounds, no accusation will be too extreme.  And no proof will be required -- just speculation, unverified claims, and wild assertions.  If you thought the Russia “collusion” charges were outrageous, wait until you see what comes next.

Voters need to have this danger explained to them.  Right now, all too many swing voters in swing states and districts are getting most of their information from the left-wing, Trump-hating media.  And the GOP is too timid, too worried about “offending women,” to make the case against the Democrats.

That’s where FedUp PAC comes in.

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