These 3 Issues Will Defeat the Democrats Next Tuesday

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman, FedUp PAC

The “blue wave” has vanished.  Most polls show the two parties to be neck-and-neck in the midterm election, especially in the House. 

 But most polls were wrong in 2016.  And the Democrats are vulnerable on many issues this year.  I think they are especially vulnerable on the 3 issues I’m discussing in this article.  These 3 issues can defeat them next Tuesday—if we do our job.

 All during this campaign I have emphasized that conservatives must brand the Democrats and nationalize the election—run the campaign on the national issues where the voters differ most passionately with the Democrats.  These 3 are the issues that brand today’s Democrats as a party that has been taken over by the leftist mobs—violent and radical socialists—you see every day on TV.

 Brand the Democrats as the party of violence and intimidation

 Most Americans believe in deciding political issues at the voting booth after vigorous but civil debate.  Not the Democrats. 

 As Hillary Clinton said this month, “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for.” 

 Obama Attorney General Eric Holder on Republicans: “We kick them.”  (Even far-left CNN had to admit he was “an advocate of getting into the gutter.”) 

 And extremist Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters, who will be a committee chairman if the Democrats take over the House: “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they're not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

 Re-read this article, which lists dozens of examples of Democrat and far-left violence and intimidation, and watch these videos:

 Democrats Don’t Want Us to Remind Voters of Their Violence  

Video: Vote Against the Democrat Mob

 Video: The New Democratic Party


Then remind voters of their violence, every day until Election Day.

 Brand the Democrats as the party whose No. 1 goal is to impeach President Trump

 And impeaching Justice Brett Kavanaugh is now their No. 2 goal.  These two impeachment efforts would lead to a rancorous constitutional crisis that most Americans do not want.

 Re-read these articles on the Democrats’ plans:

 The Democrats’ #1 Goal is to Impeach President Trump

 Now the Radicalized Democrats Plan Two Impeachments If They Win Congress

 Then remind voters of the Democrats’ radical plans, every day until Election Day.

 Brand the Democrats as the party of open borders that welcome illegal invaders

 Most Americans are proud of our heritage as a nation of immigrants.  But immigration must be orderly and legal and based on merit—not the uncontrolled invasions that Democrats champion.  This has been President Trump’s strongest issue since he announced his candidacy—and it is arguably the Democrats’ weakest issue. 

 Re-read these articles on how and why the radicalized Democrats want open borders:

 Democrats Want to Abolish ICE

 Democrats Would Put Law-Abiding Americans at the Mercy of Illegal Criminals

 Democrats Want America to be Invaded by 50, 100, or More ‘Refugee’ Caravans a Year

 Why the Democrats Welcome and Need the Illegal Invasion from South of the Border  

 Why the Democrats Need Open Borders to Win the Electoral College

 Then remind voters of the Democrats’ radical immigration plans, every day until Election Day.

 There are many other important issues:  Gun rights.  Abortion.  Taxes.  “Medicare for All,” which would destroy Medicare.  You will find articles on these and other issues on  Put these issues in your election arsenal, but be sure to brand the Democrats as radical, far-left socialists on all these issues.

 What You Must Do

 ·         Email these articles and videos (a few each day) with your comments to your family and friends, the members of your church and civic organizations.

  • Next, alert everyone by posting on Facebook and the other social media, in letters to the editor and the comments sections of articles and websites, and on your blog if you have one.

 ·         Call in to the radio and TV shows you follow. 

 ·         Talk to candidates about making these issues the key themes in the final days of the election.