FedUp PAC Staff

An Urgent Message from FedUp PAC Founder and Chairman Richard A. Viguerie


FedUp PAC Strategy is Now the key to a Trump Victory in 2020


Right now, the world has been turned upside down because of the Chinese virus.   The world has changed. This virus has even paralyzed the way political campaigns operate.  No longer can President Trump fire up the American public at overpacked stadium rallies around the country – those have all been cancelled.  


And the other traditional campaign strategies - volunteer canvassing, and leadership training sessions - are all gone.  County, city, and, state conventions have all been cancelled.  And door-to-door campaigning and handshaking has come to an end.


As all of these campaigns, national political committees, and organizations are scrambling to figure out what and how to reach voters, FedUp PAC has the winning strategy – and the best part is - you are the key to its success and helping to catapult President Trump and conservative/GOP candidates on to victory!.


That’s because FedUp PAC’s strategy of using new and alternative media (direct mail, email campaigns, videos, mini-books, pocket cards, pamphlets, social media, and digital ads) are all China virus-free, and has the extra benefit of bypassing the bias mainstream media.


That’s important because the FedUp PAC strategy focuses on the 17 key battleground states by targeting seven critical swing/independent voting groups (Evangelicals, Catholics, Churchgoing African Americans, Hispanics, Senoirs, Married Suburban Women, and Millennials) with messages of concern about them and their families.


We’re not going to target New York, Vermont or states like California, those would be throwing valuable resources away.


Instead, with the help and support from conservatives like you, FedUp PAC will create an army of modern-day “Paul Reveres” of 250,000 to one million volunteer conservatives who will receive or download our materials, from the comfort and safety of their home, and resend our materials out to their network. 


And those who receive these materials can resend to theirs and so forth.  We can create a multiplying effect that can reach tens of thousands, if not millions, in just a few days on issues that are of concern to these voters in key battleground states.


Now is the time that you can lead the way with FedUp PAC materials by talking to your family, friends, neighbors as you sit at home waiting out the scourge of this virus and make a HUGE difference in the 2020 election.


Your online contribution today will be essential to help FedUp PAC expand this winning strategy to reach key voting groups in the 17 battleground states with messages that will help expose the Democrats socialist agenda.