Vote Straight GOP – Punish the Democrats for the Kavanaugh Circus

FedUp PAC Staff

The disgusting behavior of the Democrats, recklessly bringing forward a string of evidence-free accusations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, will be a standard Democrat tactic in the future unless the voters punish that behavior by voting a straight Republican ticket in November and reelecting Republicans majorities in both houses of Congress.

The Democrat party, from its elected officials to party officers such as Chairman Tom Perez, has been complicit in the smears launched against Judge Kavanaugh.  Many have ruthlessly promoted them, while the remainder have stood silently by, refusing to point out the weakness of the allegations.

If the Democrats are rewarded with more seats in Congress and state legislatures, more governors, and even more city and county offices, that will be taken as a sign that every Republican, every conservative, and everyone with a good word to say about President Trump should be a future target for such a smear campaign.

How many good people will refuse to run for office, or decline an appointment to the judicial or executive branch, simply because they do not want to be subjected to such endless and unscrupulous attacks?  The Democrats know exactly what they are doing, and they understand the massive future benefit of driving Republicans and conservatives from public life.

The most effective way to repudiate the Democrat smears, and prevent them from happening again, is to punish the entire Democrat Party by voting for a Republican over every Democrat on the November ballot.

Replacing the “blue wave” with the “red wave” predicted by President Trump will forcefully tell the Democrats that Americans will not stand for such disreputable tactics, and that Democrats will suffer at the polls if they ever dare to try this again.

But creating that “red wave” will require a great deal of effort by FedUp PAC.

Voters need to know all the facts.  Right now, all too many swing voters in swing states and districts are getting most of their information from the left-wing, Trump-hating media.  And the GOP is often too timid, too worried about “offending women,” to go on the attack against the Democrats.

That’s where FedUp PAC comes in.

Our Chairman, Richard Viguerie, is the man who invented targeted political marketing, bypassing expensive media such as TV (where most of the money is wasted reaching voters who have made up their mind or won’t vote), and zeroing in on the small number of voters who will decide the election.

Just two years ago FedUp PAC set out to warn voters how they would suffer if Hillary Clinton were elected President.  We targeted states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.  That effort helped swing them into line for Donald Trump while also helping elect senators in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Wisconsin.

We can do it again in 2018.  We can make sure voters know why they must keep Republicans in control of the Congress and add to the Senate majority.

But to win, FedUp PAC must have your help. 

We know how to use the latest technology to target the voters who will swing the elections.  This program of voter contact by email, FaceBook, etc. is relatively cheap, and highly cost-effective (especially compared to expensive TV spots seen mostly by non-voters and confirmed liberals), but it is not free.

That is why your donation of $25, $100, $500, $1,000 or more to FedUp PAC is needed today – because with polls showing what could be an across-the-board Democratic triumph, even in some deep-red states, there is not a day to waste.

FedUp PAC is already planning what needs to be done to protect Republican control of Congress.  Those plans can move forward as soon as we have the funds to proceed.

With your help, we can make 2018 a year that proves Americans will not stand for the despicable smear campaigns of the Democrats.  Without it, FedUp PAC will be sitting on the sidelines, unable to help.

So please, send your best donation of $25, $100, $500, $1,000 or whatever you can afford.