Why the Democrats Need Open Borders to Win the Electoral College

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman, FedUp PAC

Since 2000, the five states with the greatest new-immigrant population have been Texas, California, Florida, New York, and New Jersey.  Those five states have a total of 165 electoral votes, or 61% of the 270 electoral votes needed to win a presidential election.

And this doesn’t include heavy concentrations of legal and illegal immigrants in states with smaller electoral votes, such as Arizona (11), Colorado (9), Nevada (6), and New Mexico (5).

Of the top 5 states, the Democrats already have a total lock on California’s electoral votes and near-locks on New York and New Jersey.  Florida is rated a toss-up in the midterm election this year.  Only Texas is pretty certain to vote Republican this year, but you can see the Democrat effort to “flip” Texas by the massive amounts of money dumped into Beto O’Rourke’s campaign against Sen. Ted Cruz.

You can also see why continued immigration, especially illegal immigration, is so crucial to the Democrats’ hopes and plans for the future.

In a nation that is pretty evenly divided in presidential elections, continued waves of new immigrants are the Democrats’ key to winning every presidential election in the future.

So, what do we do about this?

The first and most important immediate task is to keep the Democrats from winning control of Congress next month.  President Trump and the Republicans backing him on immigration have already managed to reduce the flow of illegal immigration by 21% in just two years.  But this progress will come to a halt if the Democrats win next month.

The few Democrat leaders who still have some capability of rational thought are beginning to realize that they have gone too far.  The mob mentality displayed by their followers at the Kavanaugh hearings and in restaurants and outside the homes of conservatives and Trump officials—not to mention the incessant and strident calls for impeachment of President Trump—all that has resulted in a backlash on the part of Americans who feel this is no way to run a country.

That is why the word came out from Democrat HQ in Washington, D.C. to emphasize bread-and-butter issues like health care and mute those hot-button issues.  But now the “caravan” up-ends them.  Immigration security is President Trump’s most potent issue, and the Democrat leaders know they are on the wrong side of the issue with American voters.  There will be plenty of time to pursue open borders and impeachment once they win the midterm election; for now, lie to the voters or sidestep those issues.

It is up to us to expose this Democrat charade.  We must let the public know the extremist left-wing and socialist agenda of the Democrats, and how a Democrat victory would spell disaster for the nation.

On illegal immigration, the “caravan” has given us a graphic opportunity to show voters what the future would be with Democrats back in charge.

You cannot wait for Republican leaders—or even the President—to do this.  Appoint yourself as a leader!  Here’s what you can do to help win the 2018 election:

Re-read my first article on the caravan for points on how to alert others to the danger we face, and my second article on how the Democrats use these invasions by illegals for political gain.  Then email this article and those two previous articles to your family and friends, the members of your church and civic organizations, using the Central American caravan to warn them of the terrifying true extent of our invasion from south of the border. 

Then alert everyone on your blog (start one if you haven’t done so already), by posting on Facebook and the other social media, and in letters to the editor and the comments sections of articles and websites.  Call in to the radio and TV shows you follow.  Talk to candidates about making this issue, and videos of the Central American caravan, a key theme in the final days of the election.  AND DO THIS CONSTANTLY UNTIL ELECTION DAY.