Why the Democrats Welcome and Need the Illegal Invasion from South of the Border

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman, FedUp PAC

Who is behind this invading army of 7,000 marching several thousand miles to the southern border of the United States?  We know something this massive doesn’t happen spontaneously.  That’s a lot of people to be fed and kept healthy enough to walk all that distance.  As Rush Limbaugh points out, “it has been orchestrated and designed and is being paid for by somebody.” 

But who?  Is it left-wing regimes in Central America seeking to get rid of their dissidents?  Is it socialist Venezuela?  (Vice President Pence thinks that’s a real possibility.)  Is it George Soros?  (He’s for open borders, is the world’s top private-citizen meddler in foreign governments, and hates Trump.)  Or is it the Mexican drug cartels?  Some intelligence sources say that by organizing mobs like this, U.S. defenses are concentrated in stopping them, leaving vast areas of the border unprotected and easier for them to get their drugs into the United States.  At this point Rush doesn’t know.  I don’t know.

We don’t have to wait until we find out who is behind the invasion, however.  We know the why:  The Democrats need a constant stream of illegals coming into the U.S. in order to take over the government.

As I pointed out in my previous article on this invasion, it would take 62 caravans the size of this present mob of 7,000 to equal the number of illegals (310, 531) who entered the United States last year.  And it was worse when Obama was president.  During his 8 years some 3,692.825 illegals invaded the U.S.—and that’s the equivalent of 527 caravans the size of this one.  I know—that’s astounding, and almost unbelievable.  But I get my figures from the Border Patrol.

And during all that time, the Democrats have been opposed to any and all measures to stop this invasion.  Just as they are now silent about the need to stop this current “caravan.”  They are just hoping that somehow President Trump will overstep right before the midterm election next month—perhaps by using physical violence against helpless “refugees” (that’s how the Democrat-controlled mainstream media would portray it) and by burning the bridges Trump has built between the U.S. and Mexico.  For the Democrats, this is all politics as usual.  But it’s also something more essential for their survival.

The Democrats need a constant stream of illegals coming into the U.S. in order to take over the government.

The Democrats know that most of the illegals who make it into the U.S. will manage to stay in the U.S.  Stephanie Leutert, who I gather is no fan of President Trump, is the Director of the Mexico Security Initiative at the University of Texas at Austin.  On lawfareblog.com, she explains why:  They are “taken to a family detention center, where they would have to pass a ‘credible fear’ interview to be released—that is, prove that they have a real fear of returning to their home countries.  At least 77% of the families pass this hurdle, and are released with an ankle monitor or after paying a bond. They can then begin their cases in immigration courts.”

And, I would add, they then “disappear” from any supervision by our understaffed and overworked immigration staffs.  Plus their children then born in the U.S. are American citizens by birth.  The Migration Policy Institute (MPI) shows how immense this invasion has become: “Immigrants and their U.S.-born children now number approximately 86.4 million people, or 27% of the overall U.S. population, according to the 2017 Current Population Survey (CPS).”

Previous estimates of the number of illegals in the United States usually said 11 million.  But now a new study by a Yale-MIT researcher shows that the number is double that—22 million.  It could be as high as 30 million.  The problem is so huge, we really don’t know the full extent of this crisis.

Over time most of these people will vote, either legally (as new naturalized citizens or as voting-age American-born children of the immigrants) or illegally (Democrat voter fraud at the polling booths).  And predictably they will overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

Now, America is the world’s land of opportunity, and many or most of these immigrants are hard-working and entrepreneurial.  As their economic status improves, many of them will follow the path of previous immigrants and start to vote Republican.  That is why the Democrats require a constant stream of new Latino immigrants, who are dependent on them, to replace the older immigrants now starting to vote Republican.

I have shown you how this new immigrant population has grown to where it is now more than a quarter of the total U.S. population.  Next I’ll show you how the Democrats plan to use open borders to win every presidential election in the future, and what we can do to keep this from happening.  Don’t miss this critical information!