Why There Are No 'Conservative' Democrats

CHQ Staff

For many years CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie has been pointing out that there are no “conservative” Democrats left at the national level.

There are some smart politicians, such as West Virginia’s Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, who try to look conservative by giving lip service to some conservative issues. However, when push comes to shove, say on defunding Planned Parenthood, rather than risk being marginalilzed they side with their Far-Leftl iberal leaders, California Rep. Nancy Pelosi and New York Senator Charles Schumer.  The same dynamic is now at work further and further down the DemocraticParty's food chain, as a recent repor from Pennsylvania demonstrates.

Our friend Todd Starnes reports the new chairman of the Allegheny County Democratic Party in Pennsylvania was forced to resign over a social media post that declared, “I stand for the flag, kneel at the cross.”


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