Bernie Sanders on Illegal Immigration

The answer to that question is one American voters should demand of Mrs. Clinton heading into the 2016 election year.  According to public opinion polls, she has at least an even chance of becoming the next President of the United States.  Bernie Sanders does not. But that doesn’t mean a President Clinton won’t come under massive pressure from the open borders lobby and from Hispanic radicals to push the extremist Sanders immigration platform.

If the Sanders “Fair and Humane Immigration Policy” takes hold, America would pass the point of no return into the same kind of Third World nightmare most illegal aliens come from. Is that what Hillary Clinton supports? Is that what’s in store for the land we love? This country should know exactly what it is getting into under a possible Clinton presidency.

The immigration platform released by presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on November 24 is more than just another boring list of policy ideas and legislative proposals.   In fact, the Sanders platform is a left-wing manifesto on who should come to live in America and under what conditions. What Senator Sanders calls for in this document would make America as you and I know it a thing of the past. See if you agree.

1) Sanders designates all foreign nationals in America as either “immigrants” or “undocumented people.”  He makes no distinction between illegal aliens and those who enter the country legally. 

2) Halt construction of the U.S.-Mexico border fence.

3) Stop any move to crack down on so-called sanctuary cities, where liberal mayors refuse to enforce immigration laws.

4) End limits on the number of people coming into America, cut way back on the detention of illegal aliens and eliminate most deportation hearings unless a serious felony was committed.

5)  Make illegal aliens eligible for welfare, food stamps, Obamacare and other taxpayer-funded entitlements, including in-state tuition rates for college-age illegal aliens.

6) Almost double – to nine million - the number of illegal aliens eligible for Barack Obama’s executive amnesty decree.  Guarantee within five years  U.S. citizenship for illegal aliens and with it the right to vote.

7)   Assign lawyers at taxpayer expense to illegal aliens to help them collect “green cards” and so-called entitlements and to comply with citizenship requirements.

Click here for the entire text of the Sanders immigration platform.

Well before Bernie Sanders launched a presidential campaign, our borders were a floodgate for millions who see America as nothing more than a giant welfare state and think nothing of breaking our laws and living off you and me and other taxpayers.

Using fake Social Security cards, drivers’ licenses and birth certificates, they are already costing taxpayers billions of dollars.

For decades, pro-amnesty politicians like Sanders have sent out the same message to poor, violent Third World countries: “Break into America and we will reward you with exemption from our laws, welfare financed by taxpayers – and, if you can get fake documents – even the ability to vote in our elections.

For the last several years, Barack Obama has taken that message to a whole new level.  His unconstitutional order of executive amnesty covers five million illegal aliens living in this country.  That’s a strong incentive for more illegal aliens to come here.  And that’s not all Mr. Obama is doing to motivate a whole new border invasion.          

According to a recent report in the New York Times, the Obama administration has closed illegal alien detention centers near the U.S.-Mexico border. The Border Patrol cannot detain the illegal aliens they capture because there is no place to put them.  Instead, illegal aliens are being allowed to stay in America while they wait for residency permits.

The evidence is overwhelming that people from Mexico, Central America and elsewhere are taking advantage of Obama’s latest “motivation.”   The number of illegal aliens caught at the border in October 2015 more than doubled compared to a year earlier.

 Since 2010, over 200,000 illegal aliens have been allowed to cross the border and wait in the U.S. for the courts to settle their residency claims. But Obama’s decision to close illegal alien detention centers has triggered a new surge of  illegals that could make 200,000 look like a drop in the bucket.

It’s no coincidence that the Bernie Sanders immigration platform continues what Mr. Obama started.  After all, both of them want the same outcome: A country overrun with foreigners who will swear everlasting loyalty to the political party that made it so easy for them to break our laws and live here even though they have no right to do so.

But there’s more at stake here than simply a way for the Democratic party to sign up millions of new voters.

These “aspiring Americans” as Sanders describes them want to live in America without actually being Americans or assuming the responsibility of U.S. citizenship like learning English or adapting to our culture. 

Instead, they are turning American traditions upside down.  And that’s what the Left wants more than anything. They want traditional America wiped off the map.  The fastest way to do that is to dilute our culture with millions of people who have no interest in embracing the time-honored beliefs that made our nation great.

Bernie Sanders may not be a threat to win the presidency in 2016, but Hillary Clinton surely is.  And she is beholden to the same radical pro-illegal alien rabble rousers and open borders lobbyists that hold sway over the modern Democratic party.

The question remains: Will Mrs. Clinton go up against the Sanders platform or join him in lockstep to ratify what Sanders calls a “political revolution that mobilizes millions of Americans inclusive of Latinos and immigrants”?  The nation needs an answer before it’s too late to do anything about it.