California Attack-Warning Signs

President Barack Obama could have said a lot of things in the wake of a Muslim terrorist massacre in San Bernadino, California, that left 14 people shot dead and 17 others badly hurt.  But the best he could do to explain the attack was to suggest the killers had “mixed motives.”

Maybe that’s what Americans should have expected from a president who can’t bring himself to use the words “radical Islamic terrorism” in the same sentence and believes global warming is a greater threat to national security than the ISIS terrorist group on the march worldwide.  Still, it’s worth recalling the signature of an Islamic terror attack that nobody except Mr. Obama has trouble seeing:

·     One of the San Bernadino terrorists, Syed Rizwan Farook, was a Muslim just back from a trip to Pakistan.

·     Farook’s wife and co-terrorist, Tashfeen Malik, had recently come to America from Muslim Saudi Arabia.

·     A suspicious neighbor of Farook’s reported seeing half a dozen Middle Eastern men in the neighborhood in the days leading up to the attack.

·     Farook and Malik used rapid-fire rifles in the attack and were dressed in body armor assault-style clothing.

·     Law enforcement officials say Farook was in touch with international terrorism suspects.

The signs are crystal clear.  The motives behind the bloody massacre in San Bernadino were anything but “mixed.”  The motives were the same as they are in every Muslim terrorist act: to spread fear and terror and to undermine democratic governments. Mr. Obama’s willful blindness to the warning signs of Islamic terrorism puts every American in danger.

In a reference to what Mr. Obama considers random terrorist attacks, he said we “sometimes feel as if there is nothing we can do about it.” That’s a strange comment for Mr. Obama to make when he is digging in his heels to bring upwards of 100,000 Syrian Muslim refugees into America. 

After all, we know that at least two of the ISIS terrorists who murdered 130 people in Paris, France, last month infiltrated Europe posing as refugees. FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress in October there’s no way to carry out full background checks on the thousands of Syrian refugees headed to the U.S.

How could there be in a lawless country where the FBI and CIA have no relationship with what little government exists?  What’s more, ISIS knows it. 

Just days after the November 13 Paris attacks, ISIS leaders released a new video promising attacks on Washington, D.C. Already they’ve claimed to have “trained soldiers” in up to 15 U.S. states.  That news should not surprise anyone since the Washington Times earlier this year reported that ISIS operates a training camp in Mexico just eight miles from the Texas border.

Some 2,000 Syrian refugees have already been placed in U.S. cities and towns.  They are ready targets for ISIS recruitment efforts. Still, Mr. Obama expects us to believe that ISIS cutthroats would never try to use them as a Trojan Horse to launch terror attacks on U.S. soil.  In fact, he ridicules anyone who differs with him.  Mr. Obama accuses opponents of being afraid of “widows and orphans.”  On national television he mocked the fears of millions of Americans that Syrian refugees are a terrorist threat.

But no widows or orphans took part in the Paris terror rampage.  Instead, the gunmen and suicide bombers in that attack were able-bodied young men of military age – just like the overwhelming number of “refugees” that poured into Europe this past summer.   It stands to reason the Syrian refugees coming here will include a similar element. 

Instead of wringing his hands over the San Bernadino massacre, there is a lot Mr. Obama can do to prevent the next one from happening.  He can start with halting the flood of Muslims pouring into our nation.  Mr. Obama should suspend at once  his program to import potential terrorists from Syria and other Muslim countries.  Public opinion polls show overwhelmingly that’s what Americans want the president to do. Mr. Obama’s first obligation is to protect the security of the American people.  Anything less is a dereliction of duty that Americans cannot tolerate.      

The same bloodthirsty ISIS terrorists who have been murdering women and children all over the Middle East would love to show the world their capability to strike in Washington, New York or some other important city in America. The United States is far and away the #1 most important target of ISIS. If and when an attack takes place, nobody will have an excuse for missing the warning signs.