Conservatives Educating Voters Survey (1901)

2020 Campaign Survey for Conservative Supporters of President Trump

Concerning Our Trump 2020 Landslide Battle Plan I Have Launched that Also Includes a Retake of the House of Representatives, and an Increase of Conservatives in the U.S. Senate By Branding Today's Democrats as Violent, Radical, Elitist Socialists

INSTRUCTIONS: Please mark the answers that come closest to your viewpoint. Leave any questions blank you prefer not to answer. We will be using this survey to help plan our campaign strategy. Survey results are for internal use only and will not be made public. We don't want the usual weak milquetoast campaign typically served up by the Establishment Republican campaign committees – where voters can hardly tell the difference between the candidates.

QUESTION #7: In addition to focusing on the key voting groups of Evangelicals, Catholics, church-going African-Americans, Hispanics, single women, and suburban married women, is there any other group of voters you recommend we focus on if funds are available? If so, please tell me who you recommend we should develop an advertising campaign for.