Conservatives Support Neither Obama nor Republican Leadership

FedUp PAC Staff

            Conservatives strongly disagreed with President Obama’s self-congratulatory State of the Union message according to a poll by FedUp PAC.  They are also skeptical about the ability of Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to fight Obama.

             Only 6% agreed with the President’s evaluation of himself as doing a great job, while 93% took the opposite position.  When asked what they considered to be the current state of the union, 52% said “doomed” and another 41% chose “sick.”  Only 4% considered it to be “healthy.”

Dissatisfaction with the ability of the Republican Congressional leadership to act as a brake on Obama was shown by the 86% who said the party needed new leadership in Congress.

             The President’s threat to Second Amendment rights was the worst part of his speech according to 39%, while 35% believed it was his promise to attack laws intended to protect against vote fraud.  Another 17% named his promise to close the Guantanamo prison for terrorists.

            Obama’s frequent usurpation of the legislative power of Congress was a concern for 93%, and 92% expected him to continue ignoring the Constitution’s separation of powers.

            FedUp PAC is a grass roots organization that wants constitutional conservatives to take over the GOP because Americans are fed up with the Republican establishment.  It is not affiliated with any candidate or committee.