Conservatives Want Ryan Removed Following Budget Betrayal

FedUp PAC Staff


Conservatives see the “compromise” spending bill crafted by Speaker Paul Ryan as a surrender to President Obama, according to an unscientific poll conducted by FedUp PAC.  A huge majority of 94% wants the House to “remove Ryan and install a speaker who will fight Obama down the line.


The spending bill approved by the House (with the support of a majority of Republicans) provided full funding for Obama’s amnesty for illegal aliens, Syrian refugees, ObamaCare and Planned Parenthood.  It also increased spending above the budget caps established by the 2011 spending compromise.  (Ryan had already negotiated a previous spending increase in 2013.)


Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi described herself as “very pleased” and “proud” of the bill that Democrats had persuaded Ryan to accept.


Passage of this bill guarantees that President Obama will have the funding he needs to continue his professed goal of fundamentally transforming the United States.  Republican opposition in Congress has been expressed in words, but deeds have been lacking. 


Ryan was elected speaker with conservative support after John Boehner’s cooperation with Obama made it likely that he would be removed.  However, his policy has disappointed conservatives by following the same course as Boehner.


The online poll was conducted over the weekend following House approval of the bill.


FedUp PAC is a grass roots organization that wants constitutional conservatives to take over the GOP because Americans are fed up with the Republican establishment.  It is not affiliated with any candidate or committee.