Does Sanders speak for you?

During last night's Democratic debate, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders told Hillary Clinton "the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails!"

So we thought we'd ask the American people: Does Bernie Sanders speak for you??

Sanders managed to prop up his main opponent by dismissing Hillary Clinton's email scandal as unimportant. And he also made a pretty bold claim about the feelings of the American people.

So FedUp PAC is conducting a grassroots poll to get to the bottom of this. Does Bernie Sanders speak for you when he says the American people are tired of hearing about Clinton's email scandal?

Let us know by going here and voting in our grassroots poll!

We'll publish the results in conservative media outlets, including

Yesterday's poll asked folks to select their preferred candidate between the two GOP frontrunners, Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Exactly 60% of respondents picked Carson, while 40% selected Trump.

Make your voice heard!

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