Should Rand Paul Drop Out of the Race?

Is it time for Rand Paul to call it quits in the GOP race?

This morning, RedState's Erick Erickson published a scathing critique of the Paul campaign, which has been beset by infighting, micromanagement, and an overall failure to gain traction.

Erickson calls for Rand Paul to drop out of the GOP presidential race.

FedUp PAC wants to know if you agree with Erickson. Should Rand Paul drop out of the Republican presidential primary?

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Yesterday, FedUp PAC conducted a poll related to Bernie Sanders' comments on the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Sanders claimed the American people are tired of hearing about Hillary's "damn emails." Thus, we asked folks if they stood with Hillary Clinton, or for the Rule of Law. 13.4% stood with Mrs. Clinton, while 86.6% stood for the Rule of Law.

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