Who do you prefer - Trump or Carson?

Who would you rather see become President: Donald Trump or Ben Carson?

The race for the GOP nomination now has two clear frontrunners. According to RealClearPolitics daily average, Donald Trump is currently polling at 23.7% of likely GOP Primary voters. Ben Carson is in a close second with 18.4%, and the third place contender, Marco Rubio, is way back at 9.9%.

At FedUp PAC, that got us to thinking: Who would you rather see in the Oval Office? Donald Trump, or Ben Carson?

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We'll publish the results in conservative media outlets, including ConservativeHQ.com.

Yesterday's poll asked: Do you stand with Ben Carson or Hillary Clinton on gun rights? 83% of poll respondents stood with the pro-gun Ben Carson, while 17% stood for gun control advocate Hillary Clinton.

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