Who do you stand with: Ted Cruz or George W. Bush?

Who do you stand with: Ted Cruz or George W. Bush?

A fight between Ted Cruz and George W. Bush has erupted.

Breitbart News reported that George W. Bush, at an Oct.18 event in Denver, said about Ted Cruz "I just don't like the guy."

Earlier this year, Cruz wrote a book in which he criticized the foreign policy of Bush 43, and blamed him for enabling bigger government with excessive spending and new entitlements during his administration.

In light of these comments, FedUp PAC wants to know who you side with: Ted Cruz, or George W. Bush?

Let us know by going here and voting in our grassroots poll!

We'll publish the results in conservative media outlets, including ConservativeHQ.com.

Yesterday's FedUp poll asked if you agreed with Donald Trump's statement that President George W. Bush didn't do enough to keep America safe during his administration. 35.9% agreed with Trump, while 64.1% thought Trump was wrong and that his comments were "pathetic."

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