Conservatives Say Kavanaugh Will Be Only the First Victim of Democrat Lies

FedUp PAC Staff

Most conservatives expect left-wing Democrats to repeat their anti-Kavanaugh smear campaign against future Trump appointments, according to a poll by FedUp PAC.

According to 85.7%, such smears “will become a recurring tactic” because Democrats have seen that it energizes their voters.  It can also be expected that some conservatives will turn down appointments rather than put themselves through such an ordeal.

Only 6.6% think that the confirmation of Kavanaugh, despite the smears, will convince Democrats that this is not worth trying against Trump’s appointees.  Another 7.7% were undecided.

Democrats originally attacked Kavanaugh as a judicial “extremist”, but found that his twelve-year record as a judge on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals made this approach ineffective.  They then, shortly before the first scheduled vote, leaked word of a secret allegation of sexual misconduct.  When such a vague and unsubstantiated complaint did not overcome Kavanaugh’s sterling personal reputation and the support of many women, the Democrats next violated the privacy of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford by leaking her identity, effectively forcing her to testify about an incident of which her memory was incomplete and her recollections often contradictory, as well as being totally uncorroborated by others.

When it appeared that Dr. Ford’s unsubstantiated claims would not derail Kavanaugh, the Democrats brought forth increasingly unbelievable accusations, each time relying on the uncorroborated claims only one person of doubtful reliability.

Republicans, however, led by President Trump and a defiant Judge Kavanaugh, refused to cave in to the pressure of Democrat politicians, the media, and left-wing mobs.  They studied the evidence, weighed it carefully, and confirmed Kavanaugh. 

Nevertheless, there is no question that Kavanaugh’s reputation has been greatly damaged in the eyes of many Americans, and will probably never recover.  His family has also been put through a terrible ordeal.

Everyone who is offered a Trump appointment from this day forward will have to consider whether he wants to subject himself to this sort of evidence-free assault by some of the most powerful forces in America.

FedUp PAC is a grass roots organization whose goal in 2018 is to save the Trump presidency by maintaining GOP control of Congress.  FedUp PAC is working to reveal the Democrats as far-left, anti-American extremists who want to transform the United States into a bankrupt socialist nation such as Cuba or Venezuela.  It is not affiliated with any candidate or committee.