FedUp PAC Offers Leadership as Only Conservative Group Using Targeted Direct Marketing to BRAND the New Democrats

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman FedUp PAC

The wisdom of having already put FedUp PAC's pro-active conservative election strategy for 2020 into place early is keenly evident.

By the end of January, the very first month the radical socialist Democrats took control of Congress, their political campaign arm, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), announced a list of 33 Republicans targeted for defeat in November of 2020.

Even though that is a seemingly distant 20 months away, the DCCC races ahead in a draft memo: "We have a clear path to expanding our Democratic Majority, and by putting our plans in motion earlier in the cycle than ever before, we are demonstrating to Democrats across the country that the political arm of House Democrats is operating in high gear from the start."

FedUp PAC Offers its Leadership to Help the Cause

What sets FedUp PAC apart from all other conservative political action organizations is that it has emerged as the nation's leader in political branding through the use of direct target marketing. Other conservative PACs focus on often expensive, old school general advertising with radio and television ads for persuasion.

Not FedUp PAC!

I'm known in political circles as one of the creators of the modern conservative movement and credited with pioneering conservative direct target marketing. Even the partisan Democrat WASHINGTON POST newspaper here in our nation's capital has said "Viguerie virtually invented" direct mail fundraising.

Not only do I have over 50 years of direct marketing experience, no other conservative leader or organization can claim to have as much "expertise" and "know how" to reach the right audience with the right message as effectively as I am doing with FedUp PAC.

That's why I guided FedUp PAC and my team of expert marketers to reach the right audience with the right message that helped President Trump redirect the 2018 midterm debate around national conservative issues.

With the U.S. Senate remaining in GOP control after the midterms, and House losses lower than Republicans feared and Democrats hoped for, FedUp PAC supporters should know that they helped President Trump's campaigning make a difference in a big way because we had a winning strategy that branded Democrats as dangerous socialists.

Yet the radical militant Democrats in Congress were quick to react. As if to prove the point, congressional Democrats voted in leftist hardliner Nancy Pelosi as speaker. Soon thereafter, they passed a Pelosi-supported bill to fund coercive abortions in China with American tax dollars. This is way out-of-touch with American values and the wishes of American voters.

Green New Deal or Green "Raw Deal"

Many Democrat House, Senate, and presidential hopefuls have also embraced the Green New Deal, self-described "democratic socialist" Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plan to impose socialism on America and empower an elite to control our everyday lives.

Among other things, the Green New Deal would in effect outlaw energy from coal, oil, and natural gas in order for America to be free of carbon emissions within 10 years, abolish the internal combustion engine, reconstruct every building in America to make them environmentally sensitive, and eliminate commercial air travel with high-speed trains.

The Green New Deal also calls for "economic security" for those unable or even unwilling to work.

Who wouldn't want a free paycheck for just sitting at home doing nothing?

And Democrat presidential hopeful Senator Kamala Harris endorsed it.

FedUp PAC is meeting these threats to our freedom, values, and the American Dream head on by using targeted direct marketing to bypass the biased establishment media to reach voters with the facts.

What's more, FedUp PAC aims to increase the conservative share of traditionally Democrat voting blocs. A switch of even a few percentage points of Catholic and black voters to President Trump and conservatives could result in the president's re-election and retaking control of the House.

No other national conservative group is providing this type of leadership. So please consider helping FedUp PAC with a generous contribution.

Remember, the radical Left is already hard at work.