Left Using Russia as Distraction from Anti-ICE Radicalism

FedUp PAC Staff

Radical Democrats hoping to abolish ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) are counting on the media to distract the public with endless stories about Russia, while burying mention of the campaign to end enforcement of the immigration laws.

What should have been the big story of the past week was the fact that “mainstream” Democrats, who have tried to avoid open involvement in the effort to abolish ICE, began to show their true colors.

The House of Representatives voted on a resolution expressing support for ICE, and only 18 House Democrats (not even one tenth of the all Democrats present) voted for it.  A similar Senate resolution never came up for a vote because Democrats blocked it, saying that the Senate should instead take up pro-illegal alien legislation.  Sen. Dick Durbin clearly stated that he does not support President Trump’s policy of prosecuting those who cross the border illegally, demanding instead a return to catch-and-release.

Earlier, House Republicans had offered to bring up a Democrat bill to abolish ICE, but even the bill’s sponsors admitted they would not vote for it so close to the election.

Some of the Democrats’ likely 2020 presidential candidates have already signed on to the Abolish ICE movement, including Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Kirsten Gillibrand.  Most Democrats on the 2018 ballot, however, have preferred to dodge the issue.  They fear that taking a clear position would force them to anger either Democratic voters, who want ICE eliminated, or independent voters, who support ICE.  Losing support among either group could cost Democrats the election, and therefore continuing to avoid the issue is vital for Democrat hopes of a “blue wave” and a takeover of Congress.

If Democrats do control Congress next year, they will have the votes to cut off all funding for ICE, leaving it unable to carry out its function of enforcing immigration laws.  Illegal aliens would no longer be rounded up and deported, but would be assured of continued residence in the United States.

Such assurance would almost certainly spark another huge surge in illegal immigration.

That is why FedUp is working to maintain GOP majorities in Congress to support President Trump and his conservative/populist agenda, especially on illegal aliens.

FedUp PAC wants to make sure that voters, especially key swing voters, know how what it means for them if Democrats are back in control of the Congress next year.

Just two years ago FedUp PAC set out to warn voters what the election of Hillary Clinton would mean to them.  We targeted states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.  That effort helped swing them into line for Donald Trump while also helping elect senators in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Wisconsin.

We can do it again in 2018.  We can make sure voters know why they must keep Republicans in control of the Congress.

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