Now the Radicalized Democrats Plan Two Impeachments If They Win Congress

Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman, FedUp PAC

Maybe you breathed a sigh of relief when Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed and sworn into office as a Justice of the Supreme Court: “Now that the Democrats have been defeated, the country can return to some semblance of sanity.”

 Think again.  Left-wing ideological zealots do not give up that easily, and they do not play by the rules that governed America in the past.   The mob that was arrayed against Kavanaugh—and against President Trump and the American people who voted for change in the 2016 election—are already at work in a new battle against you.    

 Give the Democrats a victory in the midterm election next month, and they will quickly pursue two impeachments.  They will move to impeach President Trump (see this article) and they will seek to impeach Justice Kavanaugh for perjury in his confirmation battle.

 I know that sounds insane.  The American people have had their fill of the ugly rancor and unsubstantiated charges displayed by the radicalized Democrats and their far-Left allies, and they want Congress to return to enacting the conservative agenda that has started to make America great again.  But the Democrats have other plans.

 Their scheme is revealed in the Washington Post, the Democrats’ chief newspaper of record.  In an October 6 article, the day he was confirmed, we are told that “a well-known Democratic strategist says the ‘only question is: Who calls for it first?’”  And Jed Shugerman, a professor at Fordham University School of Law, adds: “It’s as likely as the Democrats winning the House.”

 Impeachment requires only a majority vote in the House.  But removal from office requires a supermajority in the Senate.  It is highly unlikely that the Democrats could obtain a supermajority in the Senate, but do we want to go through more months of the Democrat circus in the House?  Not to mention how impeachment of a justice would adversely affect the public authority of the Supreme Court, even if he is not removed from office?

 The Democrats would be helped by the lack of a clear definition of what constitutes an impeachable offense.  For a judge, however, perjury would always be a significant offense, which is why they plan to charge Kavanaugh with lying under oath.  Lack of evidence would not stop them, just as it didn’t stop them with their charges of sexual misconduct.

 If the Democrats win in November, Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York would chair the House Judiciary Committee.   Nadler has a voting record that is 97% liberal, and has already said he would support impeachment for Kavanaugh.   He calls the FBI’s seventh investigation of Kavanaugh a “whitewash.”

 Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, says that the results of the Kavanaugh hearings is that “the Republican base was awakened.”  Polls from NPR and PBS NewsHour also show that Republicans are now as angry and energized as the Democrats.  Low-dollar donations to the GOP have risen 175%, another sign of grassroots commitment.  Support for Republican senatorial candidates has risen in Arizona, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, and Texas.  Significantly, there have been large gains among Republican women.

 The Republican base is unified and Independents also want an end to the fighting.  You must let Republican and Independent voters know that a Democrat victory next month means there will be two impeachment battles in the coming year, continuing a new civil war that will tear America apart.  We must not let that happen.

 Just as they have now branded themselves in the Kavanaugh confirmation fight, we must brand the Democrats as a party that has become a dangerous, violence-prone, far-Left socialist force that also wants to change America by abolishing ICE and opening wide our border with Mexico, allowing unlimited illegal immigration—including criminals; to raise taxes on the middle class, while Democrat-voting freeriders pay no income taxes; to destroy Medicare for seniors by forcing all Americans into Medicare; and to steal your Second Amendment gun rights.  And that’s just for starters.  (See our articles on the website.)       

 The nasty and vicious Democrat fight against Kavanaugh has begun to backfire, and we must use this opportunity they have given us.  Use your influence and abilities as a leader to mobilize Republican and Independent voters for a GOP victory in November.  Urge your local candidates to speak out forcefully on these national issues.  Email your family and friends, the members of your church and civic organizations.  Start a blog (if you haven’t done so already), post on Facebook and the other social media, and in letters to the editor and the comments sections of articles and websites.  Promote these ideas on your radio or TV show—and if you don’t have one, call in to the shows you follow.  AND DO THIS CONSTANTLY UNTIL ELECTION DAY.