Clinton Getting Desperate As Doubts About Her Honesty Drive Her Drop in the Polls

FedUp PAC Staff
You know that Hillary Clinton is desperate when she is willing to reinforce doubts about her health in order to avoid answering questions. Clinton’s remarkable statement that her 2012 concussion made her unable to remember the answers to FBI questions four years later proves that she is still determined to continue the cover-up of her failure to protect classified information. And you can show... Read More >

Clinton Rope-a-Dopes Matt Lauer

George Rasley, CHQ editor
The NBC News “Commander in Chief” forum last night produced nothing new from Hillary Clinton and in many ways was merely another exercise in which she rope-a-doped the press. However, if “I don’t remember” was Hillary Clinton’s most common answer to the FBI during the notorious softball interview that led the agency to give her a pass on the criminal charges of which she is so obviously Clinton... Read More >

Are Clinton's Memory Lapses a Health Issue, or Just Dishonest Dodging?

Eric Fehrnstrom has this to say about Clinton's coughing problem. "THE STORIES ABOUT Hillary Clinton’s failing health at first glance seemed like more vapors from the gaseous swamp of this year’s toxic presidential race. The coughing fits, a photo showing her being assisted in walking up a set of stairs, taking off weekends from the campaign trail, it all seemed like just another political chew... Read More >

More Proof of Hillary’s Dishonesty

FedUp PAC Staff
Another week, another string of revelations showing why we cannot trust Hillary Clinton. And you can show what you think of her dishonesty by clicking here to get your “FedUp with Hillary’s Dishonesty” bumper sticker. Now we know that Clinton deleted emails which appear to be related to the 2012 Benghazi massacre. The State Department tried to delay releasing the text of these emails until after... Read More >

Clinton Emailed Classified Information After Leaving State Department

FedUp PAC Staff
from Daniel Halper at the New York Post "Hillary Clinton continued sending classified information even after leaving the State Department, The Post has exclusively learned. On May 28, 2013, months after stepping down as secretary of state, Clinton sent an email to a group of diplomats and top aides about the “123 Deal” with the United Arab Emirates. But the email, which was obtained by the... Read More >

Of Course Clinton Deleted Those Benghazi Emails on Purpose

FedUp PAC Staff
from Kerry Jackson at Investor's Business Daily "Hillary Clinton said she deleted only personal email correspondence — her natterings about daughter Chelsea's wedding, yoga classes and personal trips — before releasing tens of thousands of emails from a personal account that she used to conduct her State Department job. But a new batch of 30 emails possibly related to the Benghazi terrorist... Read More >

Experts Poke Holes in Clinton Foundation's Promised Donation Ban

FedUp PAC Staff
from Jonathan Swan of The Hill "Watchdog groups are poking holes into former President Bill Clinton's promise that his family’s foundation will stop taking foreign and corporate cash if his wife wins the presidency. They say it would be relatively easy for foreign governments or individuals to funnel cash into the foundation during a Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonPoll: Majority of voters... Read More >

No End to Clinton’s Dishonesty

FedUp PAC Staff
Day after day new information comes out proving the fundamental dishonesty of Hillary Clinton. And you can show what you think of her by clicking here to get your “FedUp with Hillary’s Dishonesty” bumper sticker. No one should be surprised at the new information showing that donors to the Clinton Foundation bought special treatment from Clinton and her State Department cronies. Still, it is... Read More >

Hillary Lied: Clinton Foundation Sold Big Donors Access to the State Department

FedUp PAC Staff
by S. Noble • August 22, 2016 Emails now show that access to State was indeed available to deep-pocketed donors who gave large donations to the Clinton Foundation. State Department employees acted as conduits between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department. If it wasn’t for Judicial Watch and their FOIA requests and lawsuits, we wouldn’t know anything. There is no investigative reporting... Read More >

Hillary Clinton's Criminal Intent

FedUp PAC Staff
CHQ Staff | 8/22/2016 In a column for The American Thinker, “Hillary’s Email Testimony, Powell’s Facts and Mens Rea” our colleague attorney Mark J. Fitzgibbons analyzes Colin Powell’s role in Mrs. Clinton’s “story” of how she came to use her notorious private email server and finds further evidence of Clinton’s criminal intent.  Fitzgibbons says the new revelations about what Hillary Clinton... Read More >