Do you stand with Hillary or for the Rule of Law?

One particular scene from last night's Democratic presidential debate begs the obvious question: Do you stand with Hillary Clinton, or for the Rule of Law? During the debate, Bernie Sanders managed to prop up his main Democratic foe by uttering these words: "I think that the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails!" Sanders showed open contempt for the Rule of Law... Read More >

Does Sanders speak for you?

During last night's Democratic debate, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders told Hillary Clinton "the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails!" So we thought we'd ask the American people: Does Bernie Sanders speak for you?? Sanders managed to prop up his main opponent by dismissing Hillary Clinton's email scandal as unimportant. And he also made a pretty bold claim about... Read More >

Who do you prefer - Trump or Carson?

Who would you rather see become President: Donald Trump or Ben Carson? The race for the GOP nomination now has two clear frontrunners. According to RealClearPolitics daily average, Donald Trump is currently polling at 23.7% of likely GOP Primary voters. Ben Carson is in a close second with 18.4%, and the third place contender, Marco Rubio, is way back at 9.9%. At FedUp PAC, that got us to... Read More >

Who do you stand with on guns, Carson or Clinton?

GOP Presidential candidate Ben Carson has yet again riled up the anti-gun Left. His position differs markedly from Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. According to both the Washington Times and the Wall Street Journal, Mrs. Clinton has vowed to take executive action to implement gun control. FedUp PAC wants to ask you: On guns, do you stand with Dr. Carson or Mrs. Clinton? When asked by CNN... Read More >

Should Paul Ryan be the next GOP House Speaker?

John Boehner thinks Congressman Paul Ryan is the man for the job. Do you agree? After Rep. Kevin McCarthy's stunning exit from the race for House Speaker yesterday, John Boehner frantically met with his pal Paul Ryan to urge him to run for the post. FedUp PAC wants to know what you think: Should Paul Ryan be the next GOP House Speaker? Let us know by going here and voting in our grassroots poll... Read More >

Our Values are Under Attack!

The God-given rights we Americans cherish have survived global and civil wars, economic depressions and cultural upheavals that have crippled lesser nations. But they may not survive another president like Barack Obama. That's why I am turning to you for guidance in this hour of national crisis . . . I'm Richard A. Viguerie, the president of Fed Up PAC. We are a nationwide super PAC dedicated to... Read More >

Are you a Liberty Voter?

We are on the eve of what I believe will be the most important national election in generations - an election with the potential to save America . . . or destroy it. You can play an important role in this great national debate by making your voice heard right now in our Liberty Voters Survey. In 2016, the Left will be doing everything in its power to see that one of its own is elected president.... Read More >

2016 National Grassroots Straw Poll

Candidates are still crowding into the race for President in 2016, but you can help us send your favorites a message of support right now. To vote in the FedUp PAC 2016 Presidential Straw poll, GO HERE, choose your top three picks for President, and you're done! Voting will only be open for a few more days, so please, cast your vote now - and then share the poll with your friends and family, so... Read More >

Vote Now: Trump vs. Bush on Immigration

Donald Trump has offered a detailed plan to stop illegal immigration from Mexico. Trump's plan focuses on three key elements: Seal our southern border with a wall Put an end to so-called "Sanctuary Cities" Stop the practice of Birthright Citizenship Conservative commentator Ann Coulter called Trump's plan "the greatest political document since the Magna Carta." But Jeb Bush attacked the Trump... Read More >