More U.S. Senate RINOs Breaking Ranks on Obama’s Liberal Supreme Court Nominee`

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Antonin Scalia Justice
Nearly two months after the sudden passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, establishment Republican kingpin and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell remains steadfast in his resistance to taking any action on confirming federal judge Merrick Garland, Barack Obama’s nominee to replace Justice Scalia. What’s more, U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley, another... Read More >

Open Convention or Brokered Convention?

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GOP logo Republican
It has been exactly half a century since Alan Drury’s novel, Capable of Honor, described a national convention in which the delegates upset expectations by defying the orders of party bosses and the pressure of the news media. In Drury’s best-selling story, with each delegate choosing to vote according to his own conscience, they rejected the liberal whose victory had seemed increasingly certain... Read More >

Will Lightning Strike Again?

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Paul Ryan
Republican insiders were shocked in 2014 when conservative college professor Dave Brat upset House Majority Leader and establishment mainstay Eric Cantor in Virginia’s 7th congressional district Republican primary. Brat’s victory marked the first time a sitting Majority Leader was defeated by a primary challenger since the position was created in 1899. This year, a conservative Republican in... Read More >

“Romney Rule” Coming Back to Haunt GOP Establishment

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Ted Cruz Texas Senator
The scene four years ago at the Republican convention in Tampa, Florida, was just about everything a Washington Republican insider could hope for. Establishment darling Mitt Romney came to Tampa having wrapped up the GOP presidential nomination well before the convention. As GOP elites swooned over Romney’s choice of establishment superstar Paul Ryan to complete the Republican ticket, the... Read More >

Speaker Ryan Has a Primary Challenger

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Paul Ryan Speaker Of The House
Businessman Paul Nehlen has entered the Republican primary in Wisconsin's First House Distirct to give Paul Ryan a conservative challenger.  Follow the link below to read the full story. Read More >

Mr. Trump, What Made America Great in the First Place?

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Donald Trump Make America Great Again
Richard A. Viguerie and Mark J. Fitzgibbons An Open Letter to Donald Trump (and His Supporters) about His Commitment to Following and Enforcing the Constitution Dear Mr. Trump, Your campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” has populist appeal to those of us who are fed up with how the Washington establishment has turned its back on the American people and our ideals. Your slogan, though,... Read More >

CNN Throws Cold Water on GOP Establishment’s Wishful Thinking

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Donald Trump Peace Sign
As outsider candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz surged to first and second place, respectively, in the 2016 Republican presidential nomination race, GOP elites looked on in horror. They quickly agreed that neither Trump nor Cruz was acceptable to the establishment. What they could not agree on was the best way to slow them down. Some Republican power brokers thought a big field of competing... Read More >

Merrick Garland, Judge for the Political Class; Will Establishment GOP Cave on Nomination?

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 In an election year in which three of the four main presidential contenders from the two political parties at least purport to be running against the Washington establishment, President Obama has nominated a quintessential political establishment judge for the Supreme Court.  Judge Merrick Garland is not the radical judicial activist many conservatives thought President Obama might nominate in... Read More >

Return to Sender

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GOP logo Republican
A fundraising letter from failed 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was making the rounds recently. Mr. Romney was asking for campaign donations on behalf of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. The fact that Ryan was Romney’s vice-presidential running mate in 2012 might explain the circulation of Romney’s fundraising appeal. After all, Ryan took a big risk to run on the 2012 GOP ticket... Read More >

He Just Can’t Help It

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John Kasich Ohio
Despite a handful of defections by liberal Republicans-in-name-only (RINOs), most in the U.S. Senate Republican majority are holding firm in opposition to Senate consideration of federal judge Merrick Garland, President Barack Obama’s “moderate” nominee to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court. Even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Judiciary Committee... Read More >