Mr. Trump, What Made America Great in the First Place?

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Richard A. Viguerie and Mark J. Fitzgibbons

An Open Letter to Donald Trump (and His Supporters) about His Commitment to Following and Enforcing the Constitution

Dear Mr. Trump,

Your campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” has populist appeal to those of us who are fed up with how the Washington establishment has turned its back on the American people and our ideals.

Your slogan, though, begs the question: What is it that made America great in the first place?

And, of course, what is it that will keep America free, secure, and prosperous for generations to come?

On Constitution Day of 2011, we published an e-book that provides the answer.

“Americans are fed up with the political establishment and how it abuses and misuses the law, legal systems and public policy,” we wrote, and, “[t]he anger at, and distrust of, the political class is setting records, and for good reason.”

Does this sound familiar?

In our e-book, we describe the “very foundation of American exceptionalism. Without understanding that one critical concept, America is lost.”

The foundation of American exceptionalism, or what made America great in the first place, is that our government was constituted through a written rule of law over government itself. One of the Founders and our fourth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Marshall, described it as “the fundamental and paramount law” for America.

This written law over government is what distinguishes America from all other nations, because it not only grants the government its powers, but defines, separates, balances, limits, and regulates them as well.

This fundamental and paramount law creates a structure for government that is designed to best protect life, liberty, property, and our “pursuit of happiness.” Violations of that law threaten these fundamental rights, and weaken America.

This law over government once enabled America to become the greatest economic engine known to man, not because it was a law governing and restricting people and businesses, but because it governed government. This “law” is really what unleashed the greatest nation known to mankind.

We are a more peaceful and generous people than any other great power in history, yet we are able to muster the greatest resources in the fastest time to protect our security because of this law.

America has become a lesser nation in proportion to the violations and erosions of this law.

So, to understand how we can make America great again, it is essential to understand what it was that made America great in the first place.

Our e-book is The Law That Governs Government: Reclaiming The Constitution From Usurpers And Society’s Biggest Lawbreaker.

The law that governs government, of course, is the Constitution.

The “usurpers” are progressives such as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and even many members of the GOP establishment. Progressives in the GOP have even usurped the term “conservative.” Therefore, we who understand their lack of fidelity to the Constitution and who see that great law as the foundation of American exceptionalism call ourselves “constitutional conservatives” to help distinguish our views from theirs.

And who is society’s biggest lawbreaker? That would be the government, which hundreds of times each day violates the Constitution, and violates other laws without consequences (like Hillary Clinton, Lois Lerner and the IRS, the Veterans Administration, the EPA, the National Labor Relations Board, and on and on). Government even violates the very laws it enforces, like progressive state attorneys general who target free speech for investigation and prosecution.

Nearly anyone or any business that has had dealings with the government knows first-hand that government is not just a lawbreaker, but is arrogant and uncompromising about it. Government officials know they face few or no consequences for their lawlessness, which has done great harm to American exceptionalism by intimidating free speech, religious freedom, and innovation.

The political class in government has also failed to protect our sovereignty and borders, while using foreign law that is inconsistent with and corrupts the Constitution.

By violating the law that governs government, these progressives in the political class have weakened America. They have made America less exceptional. They have put their interests over those of our country and their fellow Americans, using government to advance their power at the expense of the liberties that breed American exceptionalism.

In our schools that these progressive now control, the Constitution and the American values and principles it protects are mocked and ridiculed. They teach our children that America is not exceptional. But America would not be a prosperous and free nation without the Constitution.

The Law That Governs Government can be easily read on a short flight to one of your campaign stops -- an hour is all you need -- yet it explains why the Constitution is what made America great, the forces that have worked to reduce American exceptionalism by tearing down the constitutional rule of law over government, and how we can reclaim the Constitution and return to a great America.

The Constitution, you see, provides a remedy. It is, as James Madison wrote in Federalist 44, a “remedy obtained from the people who can, by the election of more faithful representatives, annul the acts of the usurpers.”

So, we can only make America great again by restoring our Constitution and the rule of law over the political class. But first we need to understand how the Constitution made America great in the first place.

You, your staff, and your supporters don’t even need to buy a copy -- it can be downloaded for free at

America will be great again only when the law that governs government is restored.

Mr. Trump, what is your plan to follow and enforce the Constitution, how will you achieve that, and what assurance can you give to the American people that you understand and are committed to the Constitution?

Generally, your big-business friends are more concerned with having the government give them legal advantage over the competition than following the Constitution. There is a saying, actually a truism: “Personnel is policy.” What plans do you have to surround yourself with constitutional conservatives?


Richard A. Viguerie


Mark J. Fitzgibbons

Co-authors of The Law That Governs Government

P.S. We are so worried about our country, and believe so strongly in what our e-book can do, that people who download it may use portions of it for articles, speeches, and handouts even without attribution to the authors. Here is the Table of Contents to this Thomas Payne-style e-book, which can be downloaded for free at

Reclaiming The Constitution From The Scofflaw Political Establishment

A Century Of Progressives’ Misusing The Law To Violate The Constitution

A Law Governing Government For Our Posterity

Contempt For The Constitution As Law Is Endemic In The Political Class

Restating An Old Truth

Government Is The Biggest Lawbreaker

Government Lawbreaking Is Lucrative For Cronies

The Constitution Is Law, Not A Blueprint To Be Ignored

A Gradation Of Authorities

The Rightful Skepticism Of The Anti-Federalists

Why Now The Movement For The Law That Governs Government?

A Remedy Obtained From The People