Trump Can Beat Clinton – With the Right Help

FedUp PAC Staff
The liberal/mainstream media are beginning to realize that Donald Trump could beat Hillary Clinton in November. While some of the most partisan writers are confidently expecting a Democratic landslide, the more perceptive observers realize that Clinton is a deeply flawed and vulnerable candidate who can take nothing for granted Fred Hiatt of The Washington Post points out that most Americans are... Read More >

A Trump-Ryan Alliance on Puerto Rico Bailout?

FedUp PAC Staff
Paul Ryan
Donald Trump and Paul Ryan are loudly claiming to reject each other’s agenda. However, when it comes to bailing out Puerto Rico, Trump has clearly signaled his support for the approach that Ryan is trying to railroad through the House over conservative opposition and with liberal Democratic support. Years of welfare-state spending have piled up a huge debt that Puerto Rico says it cannot pay,... Read More >

Conservatives Tell Senate to Keep Blocking Garland

FedUp PAC Staff
Conservatives reject the pessimistic call to quickly confirm Obama nominee Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, dismissing the idea that Hillary Clinton is certain to be the next president. Only 5% favor approving Garland for fear that Clinton would name someone even more liberal. Opposing confirmation are 93% who express confidence that Donald Trump will be elected and will choose a... Read More >

Trump Should Present Alternative to Ryan Budget

FedUp PAC Staff
Donald Trump has the opportunity to seize from Paul Ryan the leadership of the fight against President Obama’s reckless spending and deficits. Where Ryan has worked closely with Democrats and promoted bipartisan compromise that increases spending, Trump should present an alternative that would lead the nation back to fiscal responsibility. There have been very few accomplishments resulting from... Read More >

Will Republicans Allow Democrats to Steal the 2016 Election?

FedUp PAC Staff
American Flag
Do Washington Republicans care whether Democrats steal the 2016 election from Donald Trump and Republican candidates for Congress? In 2012 an Ohio supporter of Barack Obama admitted to casting multiple votes for him (perhaps as many as six). One year later, a woman was caught after casting 24 votes to help elect her boyfriend. Were these just isolated examples which can be safely ignored?... Read More >

FedUp Poll Correctly Predicts Trump Success

FedUp PAC Staff
Donald Trump
Last weekend’s poll by FedUp PAC correctly foresaw the success achieved by Donald Trump Tuesday night. A large majority of 78% said that Trump would be nominated on the first ballot at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, an outcome which seems highly probable after Trump’s Indiana victory and the end of the Ted Cruz campaign. Two percent had expected Trump to win on a later ballot,... Read More >

Sentencing Reform Is Another Obama-GOP Attack on Americans

FedUp PAC Staff
Capitol Washington DC
One of the great achievements of recent years was the declining crime rate in America. This came at a time of mandatory sentencing and increased numbers of criminals in prison instead of on the streets. (It also came at a time of rapidly-growing gun ownership, contradicting a favorite liberal explanation of crime.) Now some Republicans in Congress are teaming up with President Obama and the... Read More >

GOP Insiders Take a Beating at Virginia Convention

FedUp PAC Staff
All the manipulations of Republican insiders were in vain on Saturday as the Virginia Republican convention chose a slate of delegates made up entirely of Cruz and Trump supporters to go to Cleveland in July. The victory came even though Cruz supporters in Virginia Beach and many Trump delegates broke away to support the delegate slate endorsed by John Kasich’s campaign. Fortunately,... Read More >

Republican Leaders Protecting the IRS

FedUp PAC Staff
IRS Logo
While House conservatives are working to rein in IRS abuses by impeaching its commissioner, the Republican leadership is doing its best to protect the IRS from accountability. Sixty-seven House Republicans have joined in introducing a resolution (H Res 494) to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. The resolution, introduced by Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, accuses Koskinen of... Read More >

RINOs Already Blaming Trump

FedUp PAC Staff
The first general election vote won’t be counted for another six months, but certain Republicans-in-name-only (RINOs) are already setting up Donald Trump to take the blame in case the November 8 results don’t go their way. In the case of at least one well-known RINO U.S. Senator, though, he might not even make it to November. The March 24 post on the popular conservative website Townhall... Read More >