Our Values are Under Attack!

The God-given rights we Americans cherish have survived global and civil wars, economic depressions and cultural upheavals that have crippled lesser nations. 

But they may not survive another president like Barack Obama. 

That's why I am turning to you for guidance in this hour of national crisis . . . 

I'm Richard A. Viguerie, the president of Fed Up PAC. We are a nationwide super PAC dedicated to rallying Christian conservatives to the defense of our freedoms and values. 

I hope and pray that you will join with me and the tens of thousands of other Christians who have already let their voices be heard through our 2016 Values Survey as we fight to prevent an Obama-style radical from winning the presidency.

We have already seen what Mr. Obama has done . . . 

He has demonized freedom of conscience and religious liberty through laws like Obamacare. He has undermined the rights of parents to educate their children according to their values and beliefs. 

He has appointed Leftists to the courts who have enshrined in law their hostility to our liberties. And he is working to get a successor elected in 2016 who will finish what he started. 

I would not ask you to take this Survey unless I was sure of your commitment to the eternal principles of liberty and freedom under God's laws. 

Fealty to these God-given principles has blessed and sustained America's greatness. They MUST be upheld, or our Great Nation will fall. 

The first step is for you to let your voice be heard. 

Together, we have the power to restore, renew, and reclaim our Founding principles. The ungodly assault on our most fundamental beliefs, and on the America we love, can be stopped in 2016. 

But only if you and I stand up and exercise our power - the power of TRUTH against the Left's LIES . . . and the power of our VOICES demanding renewal and restoration of our Republic. 

That's why I hope you will take the 2016 Values Survey right now.Make yourself a part of a national movement that sees the peril we face . . . and is willing to speak up, get involved, and stop it! 

That is your power! 

So please, click here to take our 2016 Values Survey right now. 

And may God bless you, and our nation, as we move toward our moment of decision.

Immigration, Pro-Life