Are you a Liberty Voter?

We are on the eve of what I believe will be the most important national election in generations - an election with the potential to save America . . . or destroy it. 

You can play an important role in this great national debate by making your voice heard right now in our Liberty Voters Survey

In 2016, the Left will be doing everything in its power to see that one of its own is elected president. This will give them four more years to impose their socialist policies . . . their utter contempt for the Constitution . . . and their unending attack on our liberty. 

We have to stop them. 

We have to get organized, informed and ready to fight. 

Help us take the first step in beating back the Left's frontal assault on our freedom by taking our 2016 Liberty Voters Survey. 

It will not be easy

The Left is likely to raise and spend close to two billion dollars on the presidential campaign next year. 

That doesn't include the hundreds of millions of dollars that public employee unions and other big government, anti-freedom groups will spend. 

Plus, they will have willing accomplices in the media. The same press that helped elect Barack Obama and the Democrats in 2008 and 2012, will do whatever they can to elect someone just like him. 

What they aren't counting on is someone like you - an American patriot who wants to put this country back on track, and the federal government back inside the boundaries of the Constitution. 

You can help Fed Up PAC today by taking our 2016 Liberty Voters Survey. 

Your opinions will help us execute our strategy to combat the Leftists - and pursue a path to victory for all of those who believe in limited, constitutional government. 

If we do nothing, then the enemies of freedom will have won - and their victory will last long after Barack Hussein Obama leaves the White House. 

With their hands on the levers of power for four more years, Leftist extremists will continue to push our nation over a financial cliff. They will continue to trample upon the rights given to us by God. 

Our nation, and our liberty, will be lost forever. 

We cannot let that happen. So please, take the 2016 Liberty Voters Survey now. And let's get busy taking back America. 

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