Conservatives Say “No” to Puerto Rico Bailout

FedUp PAC StaffCapitol Washington DC

Conservatives oppose the Puerto Rico bailout bill that the House Republican leadership has been pushing, according to a poll by FedUp PAC. A nearly unanimous 99% say that Puerto Rico should cut back on its generous welfare state spending rather than be bailed out by taxpayers or refuse to pay its debts.

The bailout had been expected to pass the House last week but was delayed when conservative Republicans objected that it would allow Puerto Rico to refuse to pay almost half of its debt. Conservatives also oppose any taxpayer bailout, which the GOP leadership has mentioned as another possibility.

Congressional Democrats have been taking the opposite position, demanding that the bill be made even more favorable to Puerto Rico’s welfare state. They may see this as setting a precedent for the bailout of fiscally-irresponsible states such as Illinois.