Even Kirk Agrees with Trump on Refugees

FedUp PAC StaffEven Kirk Agrees with Trump on Refugees

Illinois Senator Mark Kirk won the praise of the liberal media when he “unendorsed” Donald Trump. Now, however, Kirk has taken a big step toward agreeing with Trump on the question of keeping out Muslim refugees.

Kirk spoke out recently against the influx of refugees from Syria, echoing Trump’s warnings that Islamic State terrorists may pose as refugees in order to enter the United States. He said that he supports a bill, which has already passed the House of Representatives, that would halt for the time being any further Syrian refugees.

Kirk, who is in a difficult campaign for reelection, told voters that “at a time when the terrorist threat to American families and our allies is growing, the Administration should pause Syrian refugee flows into the United States until it can prevent any and all terrorist infiltration, and stop releasing hardened terrorist detainees from Guantanamo Bay.”

Trump has come under heavy attack from the Left for opposing admittance for Syrian refugees and for saying some could be terrorists. However, it is known that the Islamic State did send terrorists posing as refugees into Europe to participate in attacks there.

With the facts going against Obama’s policy, and public opinion showing concern about the danger from refugees, it appears that Sen. Kirk decided he should put aside his liberal principles and stand with Donald Trump.