Grassroots Action Overcoming Republican Establishment

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The GOP’s Washington insiders have been taking it on the chin in the 2016 primaries and local caucuses, but there has always been a justifiable fear that they might bounce back in the delegate selection at state and congressional district conventions. Fortunately, early results indicate that grassroots activism in support of outsider candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump is overpowering the insiders at the conventions.

This past week, Colorado’s state and district conventions awarded all 28 delegates to Cruz (who had already won six at earlier district conventions). The ninth district of Virginia gave two to Cruz and one to Trump, while two South Carolina conventions elected three Cruz delegates, one each for Trump and Rubio, and one undeclared.

Earlier reports from North Dakota indicate that Cruz and Trump probably received at least 19 of its 25 delegates, with none of the other six having declared for Kasich or any other favorite of the insiders. The Louisiana convention chose a delegation dominated by Trump and Cruz.

Wyoming’s convention, coming up this Saturday, is generally expected to be favorable to Cruz with Trump also likely to have some support.

The success of the anti-establishment revolt is being seen not only in the presidential race, but also down ballot. National Review’s John Fund reports that Colorado’s convention gave their Senate endorsement to conservative Darryl Glenn. The retired Air Force Lt. Colonel won 70% of the vote after promoting himself as a “Christian constitutionalist conservative.” (Glenn still must win a primary to become the nominee.)

These successes do not mean that the fight is over. In Indiana, according to Kyle Cheney of Politico, the insiders are putting up a strong fight to pack the delegation with party insiders, especially elected officials and those who hold party offices. They are making a special effort to prevent the election of Trump delegates and appear lukewarm, at best, to Cruz.

Virginia’s state convention on April 30 will be another important test, with Kasich and Rubio supporters squaring off against Trump and Cruz.

The many victories show that the establishment can be defeated. Republicans can nominate and elect candidates who support the restoration of constitutional government. However, it can only be done by continuing the hard work at the grassroots level that has brought us these early successes.