Paul Ryan Betrayal: Part II

FedUp PAC Staff

 Do you remember the “clean slate” Paul Ryan promised House Republicans when they elected him Speaker of the House of Representatives last October?  Maybe you took Paul Ryan at his word. A strong majority of the House GOP caucus certainly did.  Many of them were willing to give Ryan the benefit of the doubt after watching then-House Speaker John Boehner repeatedly sell-out the conservative agenda many rank-and-file GOP congressmen campaigned on and expected to enact.

 However, some four months after promoting Ryan to Speaker of the House, many of those same Republicans must be wondering how the “clean slate” Ryan promised so quickly turned into “buyer’s remorse.”

 Speaker Ryan certainly did not waste any time charting his own course of betrayal.  The so-called Omnibus federal budget he negotiated with Nancy Pelosi was rammed through the House of Representatives a week before Christmas.  Most members barely had time to read what was in the 2,242-page budget, much less debate any part it.

 When the dust settled, it was obvious why Speaker Ryan was in such a hurry.  The Ryan-Pelosi budget fully funded every significant aspect of Barack Obama’s agenda for his final year in office, including: 100% funding for executive amnesty for illegal aliens, for sanctuary cities where immigration laws are not enforced, for Muslim “refugee” resettlement programs that ISIS terrorists threaten to exploit to attack us here, for quadrupling the number of H-2B visas that deliberately discriminate against American workers so companies can hire foreign labor, and for last year’s Boehner-Obama “compromise” to eliminate federal spending caps and boost spending by tens of billions. By the time most Republican congressmen learned the details, it was too late to do anything about it. And one more thing they couldn’t know: Speaker Ryan was only getting started.

 Next up, Ryan told a Washington gathering of conservative leaders in early February that they should forget all about their principles.  Standing up for conservative values, Ryan told the audience, only “helps Democrats stay in the White House.” His advice to give up on what he called “hot button issues” and “identity politics” was a thinly disguised slap at Donald Trump and Ted Cruz – the leading Presidential candidates in Speaker Ryan’s own political party.

 By labeling the effort to stop illegal alien amnesty as “identity politics,” long-time open borders advocate Ryan really gave himself away.  He insulted not only Trump and Cruz but millions of grassroots conservatives who demand strict border control and preservation of our culture – two issues that the Republican establishment wish would disappear and the sooner, the better.            

 Ryan is nothing if not consistent.  Despite Pew Center polling data that shows 92% of GOP voters want immigration slashed or halted altogether, the Speaker of the House recently declared in a Fox Business channel interview that “we are not going to be talking about visa caps in our agenda.”  With that blanket declaration, Ryan announced that the will of 92 % of Republican voters on possibly the most important issue in the 2016 Presidential election year is off the table on Capitol Hill.

 Speaker Ryan even refuses to acknowledge the close relationship between immigration control and national security.  He told Fox Business that “we’re not going to put immigration reform, other than securing the border, in our national security agenda.” Apparently, the Speaker is not aware that nearly all foreign-born Muslim terrorists charged or identified in this country since the 9/11 terror attacks arrived legally under one of the many visa programs that annually import tens of thousands of foreigners.  Rest assured that the Ryan-controlled House of Representatives will not lay a finger on the visas for Muslim immigrants funded in the Ryan-Pelosi budget. What’s more, that budget did nothing to reform the so-called fiancé visa that allowed San Bernadino terrorist murderer Tashfeen Malik to walk into this country right through our front door.

 Ninety-two percent of GOP voters are waking up to the fact that a Republican Speaker of the House will make sure that measures curbing unchecked immigration from Muslin countries will never see the light of day.  Will a clueless Republican establishment ever see the connection between this blatant betrayal and the rise of GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump?  Not likely.