Democrats Are the Bernie Sanders’ Party Now

FedUp PAC StaffDemocrats Are the Bernie Sanders Party Now

Bernie Sanders and his far-left followers are staging a takeover of the Democratic Party, with ominous implications for America if Democrats take back Congress in November.

Americans need to recognize that today’s Democrats are not a party that can be trusted with power – not even for two years.  Their left-wing policies would destroy the United States as we know it, depriving us of our freedom and our hard-earned incomes.

Some independents and moderate Democrats may have been hoping that the 2018 elections would bring a new class of moderates to Congress.  Tuesday’s primaries showed just how unreasonable such hopes are.  It was a great day to be a left-wing, Bernie Sanders Democrat, as they racked up one victory after another, leaving even some liberal Democrats dismayed.

Pennsylvania was the poster-child for this lurch to the left.  The headline in the Huffington Post was “Socialist-Backed Candidates Sweep Pennsylvania State House Primaries.”  One Pennsylvania Socialist was quoted as saying, “We’re turning the state the right shade of red tonight.”

And the same trend was seen in the Keystone State’s primaries for the U.S. House of Representatives.  Scott Wallace defeated a more moderate candidate by campaigning for laws targeting President Trump’s businesses, banning guns and trying to put gun manufacturers out of business, increasing anti-energy regulations, and adding more government control over our health care.  Susan Wild upset the favored and more moderate candidate (who opposed sanctuary cities) by saying she would never vote for Trump’s wall and opposed the ICE raids that round up illegal aliens for deportation.  The incumbent lieutenant governor lost to a candidate endorsed by Bernie Sanders.

The story was the same across the nation.  Former Rep. Brad Ashford of Nebraska lost his come-back attempt to Kara Eastman, who said it was time for “holding Donald Trump accountable” when asked about impeachment.  In Oregon, an incumbent state senator received only 25% of the vote after opposing rent control.

And this follows the March primaries in Texas when leftist House candidates scored well.

What would it mean if candidates such as this win in November and take control of Congress?

The one certainty is that there will be unceasing warfare by Congress against President Trump.  They will investigate, they will pass laws restricting his presidential authority, and they will harass his businesses.

Their goal will be to impeach the President and remove him from office.  If that fails, they will strip him of power in every way possible and block his entire legislative agenda.

The 2016 election was about Making American Great Again.  If Democrats have their way, 2018 will be about Making America the Land of Bernie Sanders .

There will be no border wall, and no money for ICE and deportations.

ObamaCare will be propped up by giving the insurance companies bigger subsidies from our tax dollars and taking away still more of our freedom.

 The economy, and especially the energy industry, will be buried under a mountain of regulations.

Terrorists will no longer have to worry about the enhanced vetting introduced by Trump. America’s borders will be as open as during the Obama era.

Our armed forces will again be deprived of the money needed to keep them strong and us safe.

Our taxes will go up, and the quality of our government will go down.

Some guns will be banned, and gun ownership will be made as limited and onerous as possible.

Religious freedom will take a back seat to political correctness, abortion “rights”, and homosexual activism.

All of this is unthinkable – but it could happen if voters don’t know what the Democrats have planned for us.

That’s why FedUp PAC’s number one priority in 2018 is to rip the mask off the Democrats and expose them for what they really are – left-wing extremists who want to destroy America and everything that has made it great.

Just two years ago FedUp PAC set out to expose Hillary Clinton.  We targeted states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.  That effort helped swing them into line for Donald Trump while also helping elect senators in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Wisconsin.

We can do it again in 2018.

But to win, FedUp PAC must have your help.  We know how to use the latest technology to target the voters who will swing the elections.

This program of voter contact by email, FaceBook, etc. is relatively cheap, and highly cost-effective (especially compared to TV spots), but it is not free.

That is why your donation of $25, $100, $500 or more to FedUp PAC is needed today – because with polls showing what could be an across-the-board Democratic triumph, there is not a day to waste.

FedUp PAC is already planning what needs to be done to protect and expand Trump’s majorities.  Those plans can move forward as soon as we have the funds to proceed.

With your help, we can elect a Congress that will work with President Trump in Making American Great Again.  Without it, FedUp PAC will be sitting on the sidelines, unable to help.

So please, send your best donation of $25, $100, $500 or whatever you can afford.