Open Letter to Catholics

FedUp PAC Staff

Richard A. Viguerie

Pioneer of the Target Marketing Method that Helped Elect Ronald Reagan Donald Trump and Helped Build the Conservative Movement

Please Complete the Enclosed Catholic Survey 

Concerning My "Micro-Targeting" Battle Plan

To Show Millions of Catholics Who Usually Vote Democrat
   How Today's National Democrat Party Has Become
  Openly Anti-Christian, Radical on Abortion and Even
   Openly Anti-America . . .

. . . So We Can Reelect President Trump in 2020, Win Back Control of the House and Increase Our Pro-Trump Majority in the Senate.

Today's Democrat Party is No Longer the Party of JFK!

Dear Fellow Conservative Catholic,

I know that you, like me, are a conservative Catholic and strong supporter of President Trump.

So I will be very interested in your answers on the SURVEY concerning a Battle Plan I have launched to help President Trump expand on the Catholic majority he won in 2016 that enabled him to defeat Hillary Clintonand win the Presidency – also to help take back the House and increase our numbers in the Senate in 2020 by branding the Democrats as:

  • radical;
  • anti-Catholic;
  • anti-God;
  • anti-family; and
  • anti-America.

Our message to Catholics who often vote Democrat out of habit is that this is no longer the party of JFK – who was Catholic, strongly pro-life and very patriotic. JFK would have no place in today's radical Left Democrat Party.

I am writing to enlist your help to make sure America's Catholic voters understand just how radical today's new Democrat Party leaders have become, because I have no confidence that Republican politicians or the establishment GOP campaign organizations will do what's required to ensure President Trump's reelection.

Why specifically Catholics?

Well, because Catholics are the largest bloc of swing voters in national elections. That is, whichever candidate wins the Catholic vote almost always wins the Presidency.

Mitt Romney won 49% of the Catholic vote in 2012 and lost. By contrast, Donald Trump was able to win 52.4% (to Hillary's 45%) of the Catholic vote in 2016 partly because he pledged to appoint only pro-life people to the Supreme Court.

This enabled Donald Trump to win narrow victories in key battleground states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa and Florida where there are large numbers of Catholic voters.

We need to increase President Trump's share of the Catholic vote to ensure his reelection in 2020 – also to win back the House and increase our majority in the U.S. Senate.

As I'm sure you know, the Republican Political Establishment prefers to run "content-free" and "conflict-free" campaigns – which is why the Republican Establishment's hand-picked vanilla milquetoast candidates (like Mitt Romney, John McCain and Bob Dole) can't win national elections.

Many in the GOP Establishment strongly opposed Donald Trump in 2016, and some still do. So we can't count on the Republican Party to be of much use in President Trump's reelection. We must do this ourselves.

My 58-Year Background Helping Build the Conservative Movement

Based on my 58 years in the TARGET MARKETING business and building the conservative movement's largest advertising and marketing company, I have developed a truly unique strategy and battle plan to help ensure the reelection of President Trump ... IF we can fund this Battle Plan.

I'll go into this strategy and Battle Plan in more detail in a moment.

But first, please let me introduce myself.

My name is Richard Viguerie. I've enclosed a short bio on myself so you can see my background and credentials. I have always been a conservative.

Even as a teenager, I volunteered on the campaigns of Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952 and 1956. In the summer of 1961, I was selected to become the Executive Secretary of YOUNG AMERICANS FOR FREEDOM, which was founded in 1960 at the family home of William F. Buckley, Jr.

In that position, I learned how to use direct mail to help build YOUNG AMERICANS FOR FREEDOM into America's largest youth political organization in the country to counter the Left on college campuses.

So after the Goldwater campaign, I launched the world's first conservative direct mail marketing company in January 1965 -- then called The Viguerie Company, now called AMERICAN TARGET ADVERTISING, INC.

Since then, my direct marketing company has used direct mail, the internet and the alternative media to raise more than $7.5 BILLION for conservative candidates, organizations and causes.

I am credited with pioneering conservative direct mail fundraising. My company used direct mail and other direct marketing methods (the internet, including email and social media) to build a mailing list of TEN MILLION patriotic donors and activists to fight the Left and elect conservatives.

This mailing list allowed us very cost effectively to bypass the liberal-left news media to put the facts about our issues and candidates directly in front of our target audiences.

Many political historians say there never would have been a Ronald Reagan presidency without many new conservative organizations that were built using the direct marketing techniques I pioneered.

The result is, time and again, we have been able to shock the pollsters and pundits by producing conservative victory after conservative victory.

The exponential expansion of our target marketing methods played an important role in the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980. Most people don't remember that Reagan was bitterly opposed by the GOP Establishment in 1980 – just as they opposed Donald Trump in 2016.

As I'm sure you remember, the Republican Establishment ran George H.W. Bush against Reagan in the primaries in 1980. But conservatives were able to go around the GOP Establishment (partly with direct mail and direct marketing operations) to elect Ronald Reagan (defeating Jimmy Carter).

Conservatives used this same direct marketing system to produce historic GOP mid-term election sweeps in 1994, then again in 2010, 2014 and then, most recently, in 2016 with the election of Donald Trump.

All these conservative victories stunned the pollsters and pundits. A big reason the pollsters have trouble picking up what's happening is we are talking "under the radar" to tens of millions of Americans directly with mailings, emails, social media and viral videos.

The establishment media don't see what's going on under the surface, out of public view.

I, along with my team of some of America's best target marketing professionals, are now using these same target marketing methods to help conservatives take back the House, increase our numbers in the Senate and help with President Trump's reelection in 2020.

We are focusing like a laser on the Catholic vote because, as I said, the Catholic vote is the largest bloc of swing voters in Presidential elections – representing about 28% of the vote in the key battleground states – states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa and Florida.

Whichever candidate wins the Catholic vote in 2020 will be President.

Donald Trump won the Catholic vote narrowly in 2016 – with 52.4% of Catholics voting for him.

He needs to do better this time. Even if we can add just 3-4 points to his Catholic vote total in the 17 battleground states we are targeting, this would ensure a landslide reelection victory for Donald Trump.

We would also almost certainly win back control of the House and increase our majority in the Senate.

As you know well, the radical anti-Christian Left has a very different vision for America's future than you and I have.

Just recently in the U.S Senate, every Democrat Senator except three actually voted against legislation to protect the lives of healthy babies accidentally born alive after a botched abortion.

So 44 of the 47 Democrat Senators actually voted in favor of allowing the killing of healthy live babies after they are born.

Incredibly, the Democrat Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, defended this idea in a radio interview. Here's how he said a healthy baby born alive would be killed:


"The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and mother."

Governor Northam made these comments a few days after the Democrat Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, signed into law legislation that allows abortion up until the moment of birth.

Cuomo ordered the lighting up of the New York City skyline with bright pink lighting to celebrate New York's new law legalizing infanticide.

Governor Cuomo also declared in a press conference that pro-life Americans "have no place" in New York State. This is how radical today's Democrat Party has become on abortion.

Twenty-three percent of rank-and-file Democrat voters describe themselves as pro-life. More than 85% of Americans (including Democrats) do not believe late-term abortions should be legal.

Today's national Democrat Party has become the party of late-term abortion, partial-birth abortion and even the party of killing live healthy babies after they are born.

Today's Democrat Party Has Become Openly Anti-Catholic

The open anti-Catholic bigotry today's Democrat Party leadership has adopted is frankly shocking to most Catholics.

The Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, said, "[I]t saddens me, and weakens the democracy millions of Americans cherish, when the party [Democrat] that once embraced Catholics now slams the door on us."

Just recently, Democrat Senators Mazie Hirono and Kamala Harris verbally assailed federal judicial nominee Brian Buescher because of his participation in the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal organization which subscribes to traditional Christian moral teachings on abortion and marriage.

Founded in 1882, the Knights of Columbus has 1.9 million members worldwide, contributed $185,652,989 in charitable donations and volunteered 75 million hours to charitable causes in 2017.

But these charitable works did not stop Senators Hirono and Harris from attacking Judge Buescher's membership in the Knights.

The two Democrats worried that the Knights' stance – which, again, is simply the Catholic Church's stance – against gay marriage and abortion might influence Buescher's rulings as a federal judge.

Sen. Hirono scolded Buescher that the Knights of Columbus "has taken a number of extreme positions" and contributed to California's Proposition 8 campaign "to ban same-sex marriage."

"If confirmed, do you intend to end your membership with this organization to avoid any appearance of bias?" she asked Buescher. She further pressed Buescher on whether he agreed with the Knights on cutting Title X funds from clinics that conduct abortions or promote abortion.

Sen. Hirono asked Buescher, "What assurances can litigants have that you will deal with reproductive rights and abortion issues fairly and impartially?"

Kamala Harris pursued a similar line of questioning:

"Were you aware that the Knights of Columbus opposed a woman's right to choose when you joined the organization?"

And: "Have you ever, in any way, assisted with or contributed to advocacy against women's reproductive rights?"

And: "Were you aware that the Knights of Columbus opposed marriage equality when you joined the organization?"

These attacks are similar to the attacks of Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Dick Durbin (D-IL) in a confirmation hearing on Judge Amy Barrett for her Catholic faith.

"When you read your speeches, the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you," Feinstein sneered at Barrett.

Durbin chimed in. "Are you an orthodox Catholic?" he asked Judge Barrett in a disapproving tone, and went on to suggest being an orthodox Catholic disqualifies Barrett from being a federal judge.

Sen. Mazie Hirono agreed with Durbin, adding, "I think your article is very plain in your perspective about the role of religion for judges, and particularly with regard to Catholic judges."

In other words, today's Democrat Party leadership has become open with its anti-Catholic bigotry even though 28% of America's voters are Catholic.

These Democrat leaders are saying that faithful Catholics who believe in the traditional moral teachings of the church are automatically disqualified from serving in government.

And then there were the shocking statements by Hillary Clinton. Here's what she said in a speech:

"Deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed."

In other words, Hillary Clinton, if she had been elected President, was pledging to use the full power of the federal government to try to FORCE Christians to change their moral beliefs.

And the Left would certainly do this if they sweep back into power in 2020. The more we show Catholics how blatantly anti-Christian and specifically anti-Catholic today's Democrat Party has become, the more Catholics will vote for Donald Trump's reelection … and the election of a pro-Trump Congress.

Again, even if we can shift the Catholic vote just a few more percentage points, this will be enough to help conservatives take back the House, increase our numbers in the Senate and ensure a big reelection victory for President Trump.

Target Message to Catholic Hispanic Americans

Donald Trump received 29% of the Hispanic vote in 2016. This was an improvement over the 27% of the Latino-American vote Mitt Romney received in 2012. But it's still unacceptable.

Latinos are overwhelmingly Catholic, pro-life, pro-family and pro-America.

President Trump and conservatives should be getting a majority of the Latino vote.

Even though these Latino voters are mostly Catholic, conservative and pro-family, and should be voting conservative, the reality is they are focused on providing for their families.

So many don't follow politics or the news as closely as you and I do. But all they hear from the "fake news" media is that conservatives, Republicans and Donald Trump are "racist, racist, racist."

As a result, 70% of Catholic Hispanics end up voting for candidates who oppose much of what Hispanics believe in – including faith in God, the sanctity of life, the value of a hard day's work and love for America.

Our summarized message to these Latino voters is this: Latinos have benefitted more than any other ethnic group from President Trump's booming economy.

The Latino unemployment rate has dropped to an all-time record low of 4.2% under Trump. This is 43% lower than the average 7.2% unemployment rate among Latinos during Obama's second term. Median weekly earnings for Latino employees have grown by 4.3% over the past two years.

This is a big part of the message we will be delivering to millions of Catholic Hispanics in the key battleground states throughout this 2020 Election year – how well Latino families are doing under President Trump.

It's also a "fake news" media myth that America's Latino voters view securing America's borders as somehow racist or anti-Latino.

Polls show that 60% of Latino voters who live along America's southern border support building a wall.

They don't want caravans of illegal immigrants pouring over our southern border.

And, of course, they overwhelmingly support President Trump's pro-family, pro-faith-in-God message.

They also don't like the Democrat-Left's war on Christmas.

They like the fact that President Trump has put Jesus Christ back into Christmas – brought back "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays."

Highlighting How Openly Anti-America Today's Democrats Have Become

Most Catholics, including many who traditionally vote Democrat, like America and want what's best for America. But today's national Democrat Party leadership has become the party that openly hates America.

Barack Obama's former Attorney General Eric Holder recently said on MSNBC:

"When I hear these things about, Let's Make America Great Again, I think to myself, exactly when did you think America was great?"

The Democrat Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, also mocked the idea that America was ever great, saying in a speech:

 "We're not going to make America great again. It was never really that great."

The race for who will lead today's Democrat Party has become a contest over who can sound the most anti-Christian, anti-God, anti-family and anti-America. When we deliver this message to most Catholics (especially those who did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016), they will pay close attention.

Message to Catholic Moms

President Trump needs to do better among Catholic moms.

Women tend to become much more conservative when they get married and especially once they have children. They tend to be more religious and pro-life. This is especially the truth with Catholic women. They also want economic security.

We are targeting Catholic married women with children with the facts on President Trump's tremendous economic record. The unemployment rate among women is now at a 74-year low. Women want economic security. But Democrats have become the openly socialist party.

The so-called "Green New Deal" endorsed by top Democrat presidential candidates calls for replacing capitalism with socialism. But socialism has only created poverty and misery wherever tried.

Look what's happened to Venezuela under socialism. Not long ago, Venezuela was the most prosperous country in Latin America. Today, Venezuelans are starving. More than ONE MILLION Venezuelans have fled the country and are now refugees because of socialism.

This could very easily happen here in America (and quickly) if Democrats win in 2020.

Many Catholic moms who did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016 were turned off by Trump's often crass tone. But they like his record on the economy and they don't like the radical left turn of the Democrat Party. Nor do they want all the crime, lower wages and higher taxes that come with OPEN BORDERS.

Message to Catholic Seniors

Democrats are pushing what they are calling "Medicare for All" – which really means "Medicare for No One" … or the "End of Medicare."

Our message to Catholic seniors is a vote for the Democrat means a vote to END MEDICARE.

Seniors have paid taxes into Medicare for all of their working lives on the promise that Medicare would be there in their "golden years." The "Medicare for All" plan Democrats are proposing would eliminate Medicare and would fold Medicare and Medicaid into one giant program – which Democrats are calling "Medicare for All."

If enacted, the so-called "Medicare for All" bill proposed by leading Democrats in Congress is projected to cost $32.6 TRILLION in its first 10 years, according to a study by Charles Blahous, a former member of the Medicare Board of Trustees.

This would be in addition to what the U.S. government already spends on Medicare and Medicaid.

Almost all countries that have nationalized health care systems – such as most European countries -- impose rationing of medical treatment on their people, with seniors being denied medical treatment first, as a way to save money. The theory is that seniors are the lowest priority for getting the medical care they need because older people have less time to live anyway.

Under the "Medicare for All" bill introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders and co-sponsored by leading Democrat contenders for President in 2020, private health insurance would be abolished and Medicare would be bankrupt. Also, doctors would become employees of the government – like postal workers.

Do you think this is likely to attract top-caliber people to the medical profession?

We believe this issue, if emphasized, will shift the Catholic senior vote powerfully in favor of conservatives and Donald Trump.

"Micro-Targeting" Is the Key to This Strategy and Battle Plan

What makes what we do so different from all the other political advertising you see on TV or hear on the radio is we do "Target Marketing" – actually "Micro-Targeting."

We don't do "One-Size-Fits-All" advertising campaigns. We tailor our messages to the audience we are targeting. For the 2020 Elections, we are especially focused on talking to four groups of Catholic voters with our TARGET MARKETING campaigns:

1) Blue-collar Catholics in the "Rust Belt" states who often vote Democrat;

2) Catholic Hispanic Americans;

3) Catholic Moms; and

4) Catholic Seniors.

To move these groups of Catholic voters in Donald Trump's direction requires tailored messaging that appeals to each of these subsets of Catholic voters.

Messaging to Catholic moms has to be different than our messaging to Catholic seniors or Catholic Hispanics … because each of these subgroups has different primary concerns.

This is how I built the largest and oldest conservative target marketing company in America that has raised more than $7.5 BILLION for conservative candidates, organizations and causes over the last 58 years.

With your help and support, we aim to target the 17 key battleground states: Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Iowa, Georgia, Arizona, Virginia, New Hampshire, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Indiana, Minnesota and New Mexico.

Our methods of communication include talking to millions of Catholic voters in these states via postal mail (similar to this letter you are reading now), email, social media ads and viral videos that are shared.

The theme of all our messaging is how radicaltoday's Democrat Party has become. Today's Democrat Party has become the party of:

  • Open Borders – which really means NO BORDERS for America – y'all come;
  • Socialism – and destroying our capitalist system;
  • Late-term abortion, partial-birth abortion and even killing healthy babies after birth;
  • Hostility to Catholics and those who believe in God; and
  • Anti-Family and Anti-America policies.

Most Catholics don't want the Democrat Party's radical socialist, anti-God, anti-family agenda.

But we can't count on the establishment Republican campaign committees to hit Democrats hard on these themes and issues so that patriotic Catholics (who often vote Democrat) take notice.

It's up to us (you, me and all who worry about America's survival) to make sure America's Catholic voters understand what's really at stake in the 2020 Election and how their values are under assault by the Left.

We need donations to fund this effort – to put the facts about the Democrats' radical Left agenda for America in front of millions of Catholic voters in the key battleground states that will determine the outcome of the 2020 Election.

We also need you to help us share our VOTER EDUCATION materials with your friends and relatives, including our videos and fact sheets for Catholics on how radical today's Democrats have become.

Donald Trump won in 2016 partly because his supporters acted on their own – emailing to their contact lists and talking to their friends, relatives, coworkers and fellow church members about why they were supporting Donald Trump. We need you and everyone who reads this letter to do this again in 2020.

We must act on our own if we are to help conservatives take back the House, increase their numbers in the Senate and reelect President Trump in 2020. I hope you will contribute what you can to this effort. We need many $20, $50, $100, $500 and $1,000 contributions to fund this campaign I've outlined here to save the America you love by voting for conservatives and reelecting President Trump in 2020.

Please answer my letter right now with the best gift of support you can – today, before you put my letter aside and go on to something else.

I will anxiously look to hear back from you by return mail or electronically in the next few days.


Richard A. Viguerie
Founder and Chairman, FedUp PAC

P.S. I will be very interested to read your answers and comments. So I will be very thankful if you will please complete the SURVEY concerning our Battle Plan to Reelect President Trump in 2020, win back control of the House and increase our conservative numbers in the U.S. Senate . . .

. . . by showing millions of Catholic voters (who often vote Democrat) how radical, anti-America and anti-God today's Democrat Party has become.

The Establishment Republican campaign committees prefer to run "content-free" non-confrontational campaigns. They opposed Donald Trump just like they opposed Ronald Reagan. The Republican Political Establishment much prefers candidates like Mitt Romney and John McCain. And remember, they tried to defeat Ronald Reagan in 1980 with George H.W. Bush. Many in the GOP Political Establishment would like to see Donald Trump lose in 2020.

It's up to us (you, me and millions of Donald Trump supporters) to do what it takes to make sure he wins.

But we need contributions to fund this BATTLE PLAN I've outlined for you here. The Catholic vote is always the key swing vote in national elections. That is, whichever candidate wins the Catholic vote wins the Presidency. Donald Trump won 52.4% of the Catholic vote in 2016 and won the election narrowly.

If we can add just 3-4 points more to President Trump's Catholic vote total in 2020, he can win reelection in a landslide … and bring with him solid pro-Trump majorities in both the House and Senate.

I know how to do this. I have been helping build the conservative movement for 58 years. The advertising agency I launched in 1965 is the oldest and largest conservative advertising agency in America. We have 75 employees. My ad agency has used direct mail, the internet and the alternative media to raise more than $7.5 BILLION for conservative candidates, organizations and causes. I am credited with pioneering the direct mail and direct marketing methods that helped build the conservative movement.

As importantly, my company has used direct mail (later adding email, the internet and social media) to bypass the elite liberal-left media to put the facts about our candidates and issues directly in the hands of TENS OF MILLIONS of voters every election cycle.

Now we're aiming to shock the pollsters and pundits again by helping conservatives take back the House, increase our numbers in the Senate and reelect Donald Trump in 2020.

But we can't succeed without your help. Please contribute what you can TODAY to help fund this Battle Plan I've outlined here that I am certain will result in conservative success and President Trump's reelection … IF funded. Please help!

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