Will an Anti-Establishment Republican Be Elected Senator in Ohio?

CHQ StaffWill an Anti-Establishment Republican Be Elected Senator in Ohio?

"Although it is early, we like what we see in Mandel, particularly his fiscal conservatism and his willingness to tell it like it is about the war Islam has declared on the West.

Josh Mandel was one of the few politicians to get the jihadi attack on the Ohio State University campus right.

After the attack he tweeted: "Looks like Radical Islamic terror came to my alma mater today. So sad what happened at OSU. We must remain vigilant against Radical Islam." About two hours later, he tweeted the last line again.

Mandel’s tweet came after the student responsible for the attack was identified as a Muslim, a Somali refugee who stayed for a short time in Pakistan, characteristics shared by several other Muslim terrorists.

While establishment Republican Governor of Ohio John Kasich foolishly claimed that "we may never find out" the motivations of the attacker Josh Mandel got it right."

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