FBI Scandal Requires Special Prosecutor, Say Conservatives

FedUp PAC Staff


            Conservatives believe that a special counsel must be appointed to investigate the FBI, according to a poll by FedUp PAC. 

            More than 94% agree that recent revelations showing that the FBI has a pro-Clinton, pro-Obama, and anti-Trump partisan bias require investigation and that “we cannot trust the FBI to investigate itself.”  Only 5% believe that the discoveries do not require an investigation.

            The FBI has been embarrassed by the conduct of some of its top employees.  The head of counterintelligence was found to have been using his government phone to send anti-Trump, pro-Clinton texts, and to have brought up the need for an “insurance policy” in case Trump was elected.  It was this agent who removed the term “gross negligence” (which defines a criminal offense in the handling of classified material) from the FBI report on Hillary Clinton’s email.

            Another FBI leader was found to have been in contact with Fusion GPS, the firm hired by Clinton’s campaign to handle its collusion with Russian sources offering anti-Trump information.  Furthermore, the wife of this FBI employee worked for Fusion GPS on Russian matters.

            Several others at the FBI have been discovered in partisan activities, and the Deputy Director is under investigation for possible violations of the Hatch Act by involving himself in a Democratic campaign.

            The FBI also appears to have given in to political pressure when it failed to follow up on bribery by Russians intent on buying up a portion of US uranium production, a purchase that the Obama administration did not want hindered.

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