Impeachment Attempt Fails – For Now

FedUp PAC Staff

The first attempt to have the House of Representatives impeach President Trump failed last Wednesday – but it is far too soon to be celebrating.

The fact that the vote took place at all is proof of the intense hatred against the President among those on the left.  The vote’s failure is merely a reminder that Democratic leaders are biding their time, waiting for what they consider a better opportunity.  This battle will have to be fought again and again.

President Trump’s opponents are more and more often being described as “unhinged” because of their increasingly irrational criticisms, their unlimited gullibility for any fake news, and their unwavering determination to drive him from office before the end of his four-year term.

That was what gave Rep. Al Green (D-TX) the confidence to bring up impeachment as a “privileged resolution” on Wednesday, even without the support of the Democratic leadership.  Although he knew he could not win this time, he also knew that he would become a national hero among the Trump haters.

The fact that Trump has obeyed the Constitution (unlike Barack Obama, who ignored the Constitution as if it were merely a list of inconvenient suggestions), made it impossible for Green to put together a credible impeachment resolution.  He could not even bring up the claim of “collusion” with Russia without the risk of being laughed off the House floor for lack of proof.  Instead of accusing the President of “Treason, Bribery or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors”, as required by Article II of the Constitution, Green’s resolution simply ranted against Trump for “causing harm to the society of the United States”.  The fact that 57 other Democrats showed their support for such a resolution should concern anyone who values the Constitution and justice.

However, the failure of Green’s clownish attack on President Trump should not blind us to the very real threat that Trump’s term of office might be cut short.

Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Steny Hoyer (D-MD) have made their position clear.  They want to delay impeachment until after Special Counsel Robert Mueller has concluded his investigation, and after the 2018 elections, when they expect to have a Democratic majority in the House.

Until then, Democrats and the media will continue to undermine the President with fake news, ridicule, and a consistently hostile slant to every news story.

Unfortunately, they can expect support and even active participation from the Republican establishment.  Senators Robert Corker and Jeff Flake have already become open enemies of Trump.  Many other Republicans in Congress are giving the media anonymous statements attacking the President, weakening him in public opinion.

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