Tax Bill Is a Great Victory, But It Must Be Protected

FedUp PAC Staff

Candidate Trump promised lower and simpler taxes.  President Trump delivered, and he did it despite obstructionist Democrats who cast not a single vote for the tax bill.

The new tax system provides across-the-board tax cuts through lower rates for middle-class voters (contrary to claims that it is only a tax-cut for the rich).  Simplification comes in the form of a standard deduction almost double what it was before (increasing to $12,000 for individuals, $24,000 for couples), meaning that many who have been itemizing will no longer need to do so.  Using the standard deduction not only saves time, it also eliminates the chance that IRS auditors will challenge your deductions.

For those who continue to itemize, deductions remain for charity, mortgage interest, medical expenses, and state and local taxes (although some well-off people will find the latter deduction capped at $10,000).

The business portion of the new law is almost universally recognized as a boost for the economy, so that many of the opponents have been reduced to arguing that they fear the economy will grow too fast!  Maybe that explains why they were so happy with the sluggish Obama economy.

Finally, the tax bill gets the ball rolling on the repeal of ObamaCare by eliminating the “individual mandate”, which according to the Congressional Budget Office has forced 13 million people to buy health insurance they don’t want.  Left-wing Washington Post columnist Dana Millbank admitted in his December 21 column that President Trump “told the truth” when Trump said that this bill “essentially repealed ObamaCare.”  That should be a lesson to those in the news media who rejoiced when the Senate refused to pass repeal bills.  President Trump does not give up, and he has the conservative support he needs to persist until he wins.

However, passage of the bill cannot be seen as a permanent victory.  Democrats hope to win control of Congress in the 2018 elections and then begin unravelling everything that Trump has accomplished.  Repeal of tax reform could be at the top of their agenda.

Every candidate for House and Senate must be asked, “Will you vote to protect my tax cut?”  Forcing them to go on record will smoke out those who support repeal, while those who promise to oppose repeal will find it difficult to reverse that position later.

The best way to protect our tax cuts is to maintain GOP control of Congress, while using the primaries to replace those Republicans who opposed the bill or voted for it with great reluctance.  We have the opportunity to elect a Congress that is more pro-taxpayer, especially in the Senate.

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