Trump’s Enemies Terrified by Memo Release

FedUp PAC Staff

It appears likely that the memo revealing FBI and Department of Justice abuse of power, prepared by the House Intelligence Committee, will be released soon – perhaps by the time you read this.

That has caused Trump’s enemies in Congress and the media to fly into a rage of denunciation.  The reaction shows how much they fear that the memo will prove that government officials used their positions to spy on the Trump campaign and undermine the Trump administration.

The Washington Post is basking in the glow of a recent movie glorifying its role in the release of thousands of pages of secret government documents, yet The Post claims that allowing the American people to know what their government has been doing would “damage” law enforcement.  Democrats on the Intelligence Committee voted unanimously to keep the public in the dark.  Of course, both The Post and Democrats have eagerly quoted anonymous leakers when they provided information (often false or misleading) that put President Trump in a bad light.

Whatever is being hidden must really be bad, if it’s worse than what we already know.

We know that Peter Strzok, a Trump-hater who strongly backed Hillary Clinton for President, changed the wording of the FBI report on Clinton’s email scandal to remove “gross negligence” (the wording used in the law to define criminal conduct) and substituted “extreme carelessness”, which has no specific legal significance.  We know that Andrew McCabe, whose wife had close ties to Clinton associates, delayed looking into the Clinton emails found on disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s computer, and almost succeeded in keeping that information out of public knowledge until after the election.

We know that Strzok referred to the need for an “insurance policy” to be used if Trump managed to win the election.  We know that Bruce Ohr, at that time associate deputy attorney general, is the husband of a Russia expert working at Fusion GPS, which was paid by the Clinton campaign to produce the discredited “dossier” on Trump.

We know that the FBI and Justice were aware of the bribery and corruption surrounding the Obama-approved Uranium One deal, and chose to ignore it.  We know that Attorney General Lorretta Lynch instructed the FBI to follow the lead of the Clinton campaign when choosing terminology for describing the investigation of Clinton’s email scandal – even before Lynch’s private meeting with Bill Clinton.

We know that Strzok privately admitted that the charges of Trump collusion with Russia were groundless, and not worth pursuing.

We will soon find out what else the Intelligence Committee memo has to tell us, and it’s clear that Trump’s enemies know it will undermine their shameless anti-Trump propaganda campaign.

But it’s worth remembering that the memo will reach the public only because Republicans have a majority in the House of Representatives.  If Democrats win the House in November, we can expect two years in which House committees diligently cover up such misconduct, while doing everything in their power to smear President Trump and make his re-election impossible.  It’s likely that a Democratic House would even impeach the President (and perhaps the Vice President as well, clearing the way for Speaker Nancy Pelosi to move into the White House as president).

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