“Evolving” New York Values

FedUp PAC StaffDonald Trump

It’s safe to say visitors to the FedUp PAC website don’t need to think twice about so-called gender identification. After all, there are only two genders, and you are one or the other. In some places, however, apparently it’s not as simple as that.

Take New York, for example. Last week, native New Yorker and Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump was asked on NBC’s the Today Show about the new law in North Carolina that blocks any local ordinance allowing “transgender individuals” to use public bathrooms for the gender they “identify with” instead of, well, what they were born as – male or female. North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory was acting in good faith to keep men and sexual predators out of the same bathrooms used by women and little girls. Who could argue with that, right? Donald Trump could, that’s who. And what he had to say shows that the “New York values” Trump so ardently defends are not in step with those held by a wide swath of Republican primary voters.

Trump set off a firestorm when he said transgender persons in North Carolina should “use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate.” He went on to describe all of the “strife” and the economic boycott threats aimed at North Carolina by Hollywood elitists and Big Business corporate bullies, suggesting more or less that Governor McCrory should back down and void the new law. Besides the fact that Trump’s remarks helped to stir a pot that was already boiling over, he also confirmed that Ted Cruz was onto something at a GOP debate a few months ago when Cruz attacked Trump’s “New York values.” The liberal media ridiculed Cruz, but conservatives knew right away what he was talking about. They didn’t need any explanation.

In fairness to Mr. Trump, his supporters are probably willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on North Carolina’s new bathroom law. After all, Trump campaign honcho Paul Manafort told a group of Republican establishment members in Florida last week that Trump has been “projecting an image,” adding: “The part he is playing now is evolving.” On second thought, Trump supporters might want to ask themselves if Mr. Trump was playacting when he condemned the North Carolina law, or whether his “evolving” includes the “sensitivity” and “tolerance” the PC crowd constantly demands. They might not like the answer.

In the event Mr. Trump wins the Republican Presidential nomination, voters will have every right to know exactly what Trump is evolving into. Is the new Trump that Paul Manafort promised GOP insiders last week really the next John McCain or Bob Dole? Is that the real Donald Trump? These are valid questions. Just like conservatives know that “New York values” is code for liberalism, the same holds true whenever a liberal commentator applauds a Republican for “growing” or “evolving” in office. Perhaps those conservatives who became Trump fans early on will find to their dismay that his evolution wasn’t much of a stretch at all.

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