By Any Means Necessary

George Raisley, CHQ EditorBy Any Means Necessary

"If you’ve been watching TV news in the last week or two you will have been exposed to a new phrase coming from Far Left anti-Trump protestors and Democratic politicians; that they plan to fight Trump “by any means necessary.”

This statement is never accompanied by a cogent logical argument against one of President-elect Trump’s policies or plans, rather it is a bold statement that force and violence will be used to stop the duly elected President of the United States from carrying out his lawful duties.

As we explained in our “The Summer Revolution” series (especially Part 4) it wouldn’t matter if Donald Trump or Jeb Bush had beaten Hillary Clinton, the scenario would be the same, because the Far-Left isn’t interested in defeating individual political candidates, they are interested in destroying constitutional government and creating chaos through which they will seize power. "

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